Spiral-bound Photo Calendars

Our custom 12-month spiral calendars make great gifts or studio promotions! Design your own, or use our free templates for ease of ordering...just drag and drop your images to produce this great product.

Service Time:

2 Days


FREE Shipping




Paper Type

Satin card stock


  • Choose any month to begin your 12 month calendar
  • Calendar top: choose with or without borders
    • With borders - select 12 images (any size or orientation) each theme has a default background color and image stroke
    • Without borders – can be single images or create composites for each month
  • Calendar bottom: choose one of 7 themes for months
  • Covers: create a front and back cover - can be a full image or composite design
  • No Borders - single image
    No Borders
    single image
  • No Borders - composite example
    No Borders
    composite example
  • With Borders - horizontal image
    With Borders
    horizontal image
  • With Borders - vertical image
    With Borders
    vertical image


  • Spiral calendars feature drilled edge hole to hang on wall
  • Download coordinating templates for covers and month images on the Resources page.
  • Theme 1
    Theme 1
  • Theme 2
    Theme 2
  • Theme 3
    Theme 3
  • Theme 4
    Theme 4
  • Theme 5
    Theme 5
  • Theme 6
    Theme 6
  • Theme 7
    Theme 7