Eclectic Fashion Album Cover

Eclectic – “Assorted, diverse”   This eclectic collection of fabric album covers provides you with choices that will become “limited editions” and set your studio apart from others! We have gathered a diverse selection of faux leathers, fun fabrics, and “bling” to help give a selection to those who prefer something besides the traditional leather album.

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2 Days


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Available in 19 sizes (grouped by aspect ratio)

Square Aspect Ratio 8x12 Aspect Ratio 8x10 Aspect Ratio 7x10
12x12, 10x10, 8x8, 5x5
15x10, 8x12, 12x8,
6x9, 9x6, 4x6, 6x4 
14x11, 8x10, 10x8,
5.5x7, 7x5.5, 4x5, 5x4

Minimum 10 pages/20 sides, maximum 40 pages/80 sides


  • One piece album cover construction
  • Includes our flexible signature photo pano pages that spread across the center seam with no split.
  • Albums have square page corners
  • Center Seam
    Center Seam
  • Corner Detail
    Corner Detail
  • Spine Detail
    Spine Detail

Cover Materials

The fashion forward nature of our eclectic album covers makes this line a valuable limited edition. While we strive to make sure our covers are available for at least one year, occasionally some fabrics may be temporarily out of stock. We will provide similar substitutes upon your approval.

Bling Swatches

  • Gold Metallic Linen Blend
    Gold Metallic Linen Blend
  • Ivory Ribbon
    Ivory Ribbon
  • Pink Rosettes
    Pink Rosettes
  • Sequins-Gold
  • Sequins-Silver

Fashion Fabric Swatches

  • Brown Spotted Chenille
    Brown Spotted Chenille
  • Cotton Chevron_PrettyinPink
    Cotton Chevron
    Pretty in Pink
  • Cotton Chevron_SeaBlue
    Cotton Chevron
    Sea Blue
  • Dupinoi Silk_Champagne
    Dupinoi Silk
  • Dupinoi Silk_Fuschia
    Dupinoi Silk
  • DupioniSilk_Black
    Dupioni Silk
  • Dupioni Silk_Silver Gray
    Dupioni Silk
    Silver Gray
  • Twill Polka Dots_Storm Gray
    Twill Polka Dots
    Storm Gray

Faux Leather & Suede Swatches

  • Suede-Black Checks
    Suede-Black Checks
  • Suede-Brown Reptile
    Suede-Brown Reptile
  • Suede-Copper Saddle
    Suede-Copper Saddle
  • Suede-Dark Chocolate Gator
    Suede-Dark Chocolate Gator
  • Suede-Floral Flourish-Light Tan
    Suede-Floral Flourish
    Light Tan
  • Suede-Golden Tan Basket Weave
    Suede-Golden Tan Basket Weave

Cover Options

  • Imprinting

Imprint Options

Available in Silver, Gold, and Black

Imprint Options

Available in Silver, Gold, and Black

  • Script Font
    Script Font
  • Block Font
    Block Font

Page Options

Photographic paper page choices: Lustre or HD Glossy