Our economy album will knock your socks off. This album, offered in three sizes, comes in a beautiful black leather cover….not leatherette, but real leather! For easy ordering it has preset page quantities…and best of all it comes with a price that you can’t refuse! Seeing is believing, and you must see, touch and feel this album! It boasts of all the quality you expect from H&H!

Service Time:

2 Days


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10x10 with 10 pages (20 sides) or 15 pages (30 sides)
8x8 with 10 pages (20 sides) or 15 pages (30 sides)
5x5 with 10 pages (20 sides) or 15 pages (30 sides)

Paper Type

Photographic Lustre


  • One piece album cover construction
  • Pages must be designed as full panoramas (no single sides)
  • Includes our signature lay-flat pages that boast of one of the smallest center splits in the industry - allowing a stunning pano look across two separate pages
  • Albums have square page corners
  • No color correction is available

Cover Materials

  • Black Leather
    Black Leather

Cover Options

Foil printing is available for economy albums.
  • Colors: Silver, Gold
  • Fonts: Angelina, Garamond, TWCen
  • 1 or 2 lines, up to 28 characters per line
  • Upper Center Imprint
    Upper Center Imprint
  • Bottom Right Parallel Imprint
    Bottom Right
    Parallel Imprint
  • Right Edge Imprint
    Right Edge Imprint
  • Imprint Fonts
    Imprint Fonts