Dry Erase Boards

Use this product as a useful personalized fridge magnet for quick notes. When you select this product, you will find many versatile templates to choose from and the ability to add text to your creation.

Service Time:

1 Day


Ground FOB



5x10 Horizontal

Paper Type

Photographic Pearl


Print is mounted on Styrene with 2 magnetic strips
Customized image and text fields
Includes pen/eraser combo

  • Competitor Pro
    Competitor Pro
  • Fusion Pro
    Fusion Pro
  • Impact Pro
    Impact Pro
  • Red Fire
    Red Fire
  • Orange Fire
    Orange Fire
  • Brown Fire
    Brown Fire
  • Yellow Fire
    Yellow Fire
  • Green Fire
    Green Fire
  • Blue Fire
    Blue Fire
  • Purple Fire
    Purple Fire
  • Black Fire
    Black Fire
  • Red Lightning
    Red Lightning
  • Orange Lightning
    Orange Lightning
  • Brown Lightning
    Brown Lightning
  • Yellow Lightning
    Yellow Lightning
  • Green Lightning
    Green Lightning
  • Blue Lightning
    Blue Lightning
  • Purple Lightning
    Purple Lightning
  • Black Lightning
    Black Lightning
  • Lacrosse
  • Academy Studio Background (black)
    Academy Studio Background (black)
  • Academy Studio Background (white)
    Academy Studio Background (white)
  • Original Studio Background
    Original Studio Background