• Logo positioned only in the lower right corner of selected prints
  • Send us a png file of your studio logo to setup in our production system
  • One-time set up fee
  • Logo will be retained at the lab for future use (limit of 1 logo per account)
  • No charge for each use of the studio logo
  • Studio Logo
    Studio Logo

Personalized Overlay

  • Choose from nine different colors
  • Limit of two text lines - maximum of 25 characters per line
  • Text can be positioned, lower left, lower center or lower right
  • Choose from our sixteen standard font styles
  • Add drop shadow or white outer glow
  • Personalized Overlay
    Personalized Overlay
  • Fonts

Personalized Overlay Colors

red orange yellow mustard green blue purple white black

Studio and Personalized Overlay

  • Studio logo lower right only
  • Personalized logo lower left only – 1 or 2 lines of text
  • Personalized Plus Studio Logo Overlays
    Personalized Plus Studio Logo Overlays