eZevent - hhschools

The series of videos below will help in transitioning from eZevent to hhschools. You’ll find the workflow for hhschools to be very similar to eZevent but many of the tools have been improved and relocated to streamline the workflow.

Service Items

This series of videos for hhschools will show you how to order printed service items.

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Sports in hhschools

In this web class Jeff Locklear explains how to use hhschools in a sports environment workflow.

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Image Level Color Correction

See how to apply image level color correction to your project in hhschools.

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New Features in hhschools

In this web class Jeff Locklear goes into detail with the new features and improvements that have been made with the introduction to hhschools.

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RTD Labels

You now have the ability to customize what information is printed on your Ready To Deliver Labels on orders placed using hhschools software. When you check the option to use RTD Labels you can now map the 7 fields you want to appear on the labels based on the fields that are used in the project.

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Automated Composites in hhschools

Let us show you how to order Automated Class Composites in hhschools!

Green Screen