July 14, 2016

Version 1.44.0

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue affecting studios not approved for green screen. These studios did not have a GreenScreen.Backgrounds file. When loading the Project Setup Dialog the app was looking for this file. If it didn't find it the Project Setup dialog failed to load.
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July 13, 2016

Version 1.42.16

New Features

  • Knockout at HiRes Pre-Upload. In order to deliver an even faster knockout service time, we have modified the green screen workflow. All Green Screen projects will be required to use HiRes PreUpload. Upon completion of the HiRes PreUpload all the images that are tagged as KO will be submitted for a knockout only order.
  • Added the Package Name to the Package Label Report.
  • Clear a single filter from within a multi filter sort.
  • Search all Projects dialog columns are expandable for easier viewiing.

Catalog Updates

  • Added Rustic Border Vertical 4x5 Magnet.
  • Added 6x8 Horizontal Group Border Fusion Pro.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed Temporary Student ID report issue when adding blank camera cards to a project and not being able to print the Temporary ID Cards because of missing School Name and Year.
  • Order file uploader only uploads zip files.
  • Do not allow < or > symbols to be entered into Fixed Text fields for template mapping.
  • Do not allow project names to end in a period.
  • Do not allow Package Orders that do not have any products in the packages. The exceptions are Package Inserts or Online Sales with Package Inserts.
  • Yearbook CD update. Fixed issue not requiring the user to select 1 of the 2 sorts.
  • Camera dialog on filter tool bar. You can now see an expanded view of the multiple camera imports making it easier to select multiple cameras for filtering.
  • Automated Class Composites. Added a 4th level sort. GroupName/Rank/LastName/FirstName.
  • File uploader now warns of an upload in progress if user tries to close hhschools with an upload in progress.
  • Update product png for the Fusion Pro Trader Card to display the correct text lines.
  • Added a check for products that have been removed from the products xml in a software update to prevent users from ordering modified products in older package groups.
  • Fixed issue of incorrect crop values for image aspect ratio when the user does not view images in crop screen.
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June 29, 2016

Version 1.41.5

New Features

  • Image Level Knockout. This new feature will allow you to select which images in a green screen project are to be knocked out. You can combine individual images for knockout and group images that are not to be knocked out in one project and one order.
  • Added a clear all button to the RTD Label Dialog for a simple way to clear all fields for custom mapping of data to the RTD labels.
  • Package Summary can now be printed to a PDF.

Catalog Updates

  • Removed the Admin CD Export, PowerSchool 480x640-no zero padding.
  • Added 3 new Admin CD Exports, Meal Magic, Tads & Name Images w/Student ID HighRes-Grade Sort.

Fixed Issues

  • Disabled the Background field for non green screen projects.
  • Fixed the number of text lines on the Trader Cards in the Liquid Series.
  • Fixed the Impact Pro Magnetic Message Center paper type. It was E-Surface and is now Pearl.

Image Level Knockout Introduction Video

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April 11, 2016

Version 1.40.0

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue when importing package data from the Opticon Scanner or an HHImage Host export csv file. If additional data was being imported for a subject that had a package value in the package field the existing package was being overwriten.
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February 4, 2016

Version 1.37.0

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the Impact Pro 2-3x5 and 2-4x5 bordered templates. Both were only showing one available text line in the package setup dialog. The product has two text lines.
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February 3, 2016

Version 1.36.1

New Features

  • Added a new service item Principal Book. A new interface located in the printed service items catagory has been created to build a Principal Book.
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February 1, 2016

Version 1.27.1

Catalog Updates

  • SPECIALTY: Banners are now priced at $4.00 plus $0.023 per inch, with a $12.00 minimum order (website calculator reflects this change)
  • JEWELRY: Cable Link Charm Bracelet is now $40.00
  • PRINTS: Framed Fine Art-Torn Edge Prints price changes: 7x7-$108.00, 10x10-$125.00, 10x16-$146.50, Trio-$165.00
  • ALBUMS: Eclectic Fashion Album Covers are now called Fabric
  • FRAMEDS: Removed frames C008, B004 & B005
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January 6, 2016

Version 1.35.4

Catalog Updates

  • Added 4 green screen only templates for the spring 2016 program; Dimensions Bridge 8x10 vertical, Dimensions Bridge 8x10 vertical with text, Dimensions Grasses 8x10 horizontal, and Dimensions Grasses 8x10 horizontal with text.
  • Added 3 new Studio Background Templates; 4 up Wallet Magnets, FunPak, & 8x10 Signature Mat.
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