Fun Paks

A staple school and daycare product, Fun Packs are a colorful collection of press printed, clear plastic-laminated, and die cut novelty items. All novelty items, except the ruler, include a small subject photo to personalize the fun pack. Like all template products at H&H, Fun Packs come in a wide variety of different template themes, or design your own!


Ground FOB



Paper Type

Satin Press Stock with glossy lamination


Clear plastic-laminated, die cut
Includes four key fobs, four bag tags, two bookmarks, a door hanger and a ruler
Personalized text line and small image photo on items (no photo on ruler)

  • All American
    All American
  • All Star
    All Star
  • Red Apples
    Red Apples
  • Brick Wall
    Brick Wall
  • Crayons
  • Gold Grunge<br>(Fun Pack)
    Gold Grunge
    (Fun Pack)
  • Gold Grunge<br>(Sports Pack)
    Gold Grunge
    (Sports Pack)
  • Handmade Paper
    Handmade Paper
  • Silver Liquid
    Silver Liquid
  • Blue Liquid
    Blue Liquid
  • Gold Liquid
    Gold Liquid
  • Pink Liquid
    Pink Liquid
  • Original Studio Background
    Original Studio Background
    (Fun Pack)
  • Original Studio Background
    Original Studio Background
    (Sports Pack)
  • Geometric