Program Basics

Commission replacement provides the school an opportunity to make extra money through a “cash and carry” fundraising event, where the photographer offers the organization a photographic product to sell. The idea of commission replacement is to offer a set of “discounted” products that will cost the photographer less out-of-pocket than the commission he is paying now.

  • Offer 1 of 5 products to your school
  • Can only be ordered through hhsports or hhschools
  • Must order one commission product for every individual photographed
  • Commission products cannot be submitted with the package order - they must be submitted in a separate order
  • Must sort by teams or groups
  • Only one type of commission product per order
  • Requires a coupon code when placing the order

Here’s just one example of how it can work...

Traditional Commission Program:

  • Photographer gives organization or league $2 for each A,B,C package sold
  • If there are 400 buyers (from 500 athletes, for example) at $2 each, the photographer pays $800 to the organization

Commission Replacement Program:

  • Photographer orders magnets (or another commission replacement product) from H&H at a cost of $1 per individual photographed ($500).
  • The photographer GIVES these to the organization in lieu of the commission. The organization sells 350 of these magnets for $5 each, totaling $1,750—$950 MORE cash for the organization than the $800 commission.
  • The photographer also SAVES $300, as he pays only $500 instead of the $800 commission in our example.
  • OR–the photographer can choose to sell the magnets to the organization at cost and SAVE even more!
In this example, the photographer saves $800! (No commission and no product cost!)


The five commission products H&H is offering in this program have a perceived value of $7 to $10 dollars to the public

Choose from these 5 products

  • 3" Round Photo Button
  • 3" Round Photo Magnet
  • Bag Tag
  • 3½x5 Magnet
  • Neil Enterprises Water Bottle Insert Print