Design Workflow

  • To begin the design process, you will fill out either the New Flyer Design Form or the Flyer Design Changes Form.
  • When your design is finished, you will receive an email link to our preview site where you can mark any changes needed to the design. If changes are required, an updated preview link will be sent for your approval.
  • Once your design has been approved, your designer will send JPEG file(s) of your flyer to you via email which you will use to place your orders.

Design Preview

  • When your design is finished, you will receive an email link to our preview site. This link may be shared with your clients.
  • Below is an example of a Pre-pay Flyer design preview. This preview has been locked for editing, however, when you receive your preview you will be allowed to add comments to request changes to the design.

Design Changes

  • Up to 10 changes (submitted together at one time) are included in the original design fee. Any changes over this amount will be billed an additional fee per change. Examples of changes are: change package name, change price of add-on item, etc.
  • Changes will only be allowed in the portion(s) of the flyer that have been customized. Any changes requested outside of this area will result in additional fees.
  • Changes must be made within the original design style chosen. Changing design styles constitutes a new design order.
  • Your approved designs will be kept on file at H&H and changes may be requested at any time for an additional fee.

Design Billing

  • Design orders will be billed when the preview is sent (changes may still be made after an order is billed).
  • Pre-pay Flyer design prices are per level.