Payment Options & Policies

To insure proper credit of your payment, always write your H&H account number on each check. Please allow 24 hours after receipt of your check for proper posting to your account. We offer the following choices of payment:


Prepayments are applied to your account, not to specific orders. There is no need to match individual work orders and payments. If there is not enough money in the account to cover the finished work, it will be sent COD. Due to the wide variety of services offered and the potential for omission or error, we recommend that you prepay an additional amount in order to maintain a credit balance and avoid COD shipments.

Open Credit Account Status

We offer a monthly open credit account status upon satisfactory completion of a credit application and a routine credit investigation. We request that you supply us with three trade references from the photographic industry and that you maintain regular activity throughout the year. You will be notified by email of approval. Please allow three to four weeks for this process. If a credit limit is set up on your account, work will automatically be shipped COD once that credit limit has been reached.

Open Credit Accounts will receive a monthly statement showing all charges and credits for the month. A timely-pay discount will be shown on the statement and that credit applied to your account when the required payment is received by the 10th of the month. The account will be considered delinquent when payment is not received by the 25th, and finance charges will be applied. Delinquent accounts may be changed to COD + 30% status.

Payment by Credit Card

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover for payments on your account. Credit cards may be updated on the website once you are logged in.

Customer Statements

A statement detailing monthly activity is sent to each account on the first business day of each month. Those who have open credit account status shall treat their statement as a monthly billing. The statement can also be viewed on our web site using your customer password. The total amount of this statement becomes past due after the 25th day of the month, and a 1.5 % finance charge is applied to any remaining unpaid balance.

Past Due Accounts

Delinquent accounts automatically lose monthly open credit account status. Account balance becomes due immediately and all orders will ship COD plus 30%.

Insufficient Funds

There is a $25.00 service charge for each check returned due to insufficient funds, and the account may be placed on a permanent “cash-only” basis.

Sales Tax

H&H is required by law to collect sales tax on orders delivered in the State of Missouri unless provided with a valid state sales tax exemption certificate.

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Form 149


Prices are subject to change without prior notice. As new products and services are constantly updated, please check our web site for the most current information and pricing.

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Minimum Orders

Professional and School, Sports, & Events: $10 minimum
Press products and Photographic Albums: $12 minimum
Design Center Orders: $10 minimum

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Copyright Policy

H&H Color Lab complies with current copyright laws to protect the ownership rights of copyright holders. If we have reason to believe that an image sent to us for copying or printing could be copyrighted, we may require the use of a Copyright Release Authorization Form before proceeding with the job.

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Limit of Liability

Submitting any digital file, film, print, slide or negative to this firm for processing, printing or other handling constitutes an AGREEMENT by you that any damage or loss by our company, subsidiary, or agents, even though due to the negligence or other fault of our company, subsidiary, or agents, will only entitle you to replacement with a like amount of unexposed film and processing. Except for such replacement, the acceptance by our company, subsidiary and/or agents of the film, print, slide or negative is without other warranty or liability, and recovery for any incidental or consequential damage is excluded.

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Service Times & Rush Orders

Product Service Times

Always total all service times plus transportation to arrive at an accurate delivery date for your order. Service times for each product category reflect estimated in-plant service times under normal working conditions. You may find service times listed on our web site on each individual product or service page. These service times do not include Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, or shipping time to and from the lab. FTP/FTS orders received after 9:00 am CST (12:00 pm CST for rushes) will be considered as the following day’s work. While seasonal demands or special problems with an order can affect service time, every effort is made to maintain service schedules on all orders.

RUSH Orders

When your order requires special rush handling to guarantee a shipping date, there will be an additional 100% charge added to the entire order. Standard service times can be found on our website on each individual product and service page.

Please note the following guidelines for Rushes:

  • Rushes are always subject to current capacity. If in question, please call customer service.
  • Rush orders for FTP/FTS uploads received after 12:00 pm CST will be considered as the following day’s work and the rush service time will start on that day. In-town customers may pick up their rush orders by 5:00 p.m. the day the order is due.
  • When a specific due date is noted, but the RUSH service has not been marked, we will make every effort to call you before we proceed on a rush basis. However, if we are unable to reach you in a timely manner, your order will be handled as a rush and charged accordingly to meet your specific requested deadline.
  • We suggest calling customer service to discuss your rush needs to verify scheduling for your very important orders and obtain a cost estimate if needed.
  • The 100% rush cost will be equal to the invoice total. Therefore, to determine the total cost of the rushed order, take the invoice times two.
  • Rush charges are applied before minimum charges are calculated.

Digital School and Sports RUSH Orders

100% RUSH
Up to 10x13 prints only Same Day
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Remakes & Credits

We guarantee the quality of our work and make every effort to follow your instructions to avoid mistakes which require remakes or credits. We ask that upon receiving your order, please check it immediately.

Orders returned after 30 days will be considered reorders (not remakes) and will be invoiced at our regular catalog prices. Whenever new services are added to a remake order, additional service time and additional charges will be added. When either is necessary, please follow these instructions:

Remake Procedures

For remakes simply create a new order and follow these three steps:

  1. Create a new order using a new order number and include only the remake files.
  2. Check the RTN box when finalizing the order.
  3. Enter the original lab order number and the reason for the remake when prompted.
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Technical Information

We will always print for the most pleasing flesh tones unless you ask us to do otherwise. However, characteristics of the photographic materials used often make it impossible to match color and density to the original subject or even to a previous order from the same negative or digital image. Improperly exposed digital images will be printed on a “print regardless” basis and may be subject to extra charges. We will make the best print which is practical to produce, with the understanding that the results will fall short of our normally acceptable professional standards. Remakes will not be accepted at a no-charge on severely over or underexposed digital images.

Surface Treatments and Mounts

The materials and techniques H&H uses to print, texture, mount, and coat the photographs we manufacture from your files will change over time. Our vendors change their materials and processes occasionally and this can affect the subtle look and feel of the surface of your prints. H&H does not guarantee that current prints will exactly match the color, texture, lustre, or mount of prints made in the past.

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Services Not Listed

Special quotations - call a customer service representative for the availability and price of services not listed on this web site.

Print sizes not listed in pricing charts will be billed at the next larger size print price.

The following policies and procedures apply to all photos or print images sent to us as “finishing only” orders (mounting, artwork, coat, etc.):

  • Should the work or materials we apply to the photograph or print adversely affect it,
    H&H will not be liable to remake or pay to remake the photograph or print.
  • Shipping expenses will be billed to the customer.
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Resale & Supply Items

  • H&H’s timely-pay discounts do not apply to resale items and supply orders
  • Customer pays freight on all resale items and supply orders
  • These items are shipped ground unless noted otherwise when ordering
  • Prices may change on resale/supply items throughout the year.
    You will be invoiced at the current price on the day your order is shipped.
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