Wall Clings

Looking for a cool new product to feature your photography? Wall clings will astound your customers with their ability to be used over-and-over…no hanging hardware or surface construction required. And when you grow tired of viewing them on one wall, simply peel them off and move them to a new site. We have upgraded this product with a new, improved wall cling material featuring bright color, smoother surface and much greater cling adhesion!

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  • Back is coated with re-positionable "Easy Tack" pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Comes with release paper backing to protect adhesive


  • Designed for applications on smooth, painted dry wall, glass, stainless steel, plexiglass and smooth finished woods
  • 5.0 mil, semi-rigid film with white, matte finish
  • Use in conditions between 50°-86° Fahrenheit, 35%-65% relative humidity.
  • Surface must be smooth, clean, dry, and have no bumps or defects
  • Clean the surface with a damp cloth prior to application (allow to dry completely).
  • Use a roller or squeegee with a soft felt edge to avoid damage or scratching.
  • Removable Adhesive-Remove graphic at a 180° angle, vs. a 90° angle, to help reduce the chance of any adhesive transfer or wall damage
  • Apply your image working from the center of the image out - if a spot is uneven, simply pull the film from the wall and reapply.
  • Before applying on freshly painted walls allow 4 weeks for the paint to cure.
  • DO NOT stretch graphic during application.
  • DO NOT use application fluids or liquids or tapes during application process
  • Removable up to two years under normal interior conditions
  • Wall clings may be recycled - the material is a class 5 plastic.