Fine Art Torn Edge Print Frames

Start with your image, combine it with H&H’s beautiful fine art watercolor paper with hand-torn edges, and complete it with float framing! This product comes complete with the fine art torn edge print, floated-print feature, double mat and glass - printed, framed and ready to hang! Comes in five frame styles.

Service Time:

2 Days


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Paper Type

Fine Art Watercolor Paper with hand torn edges

Frame Styles

  • Barn Wood
    Barn Wood
    frame size: 34.5x17.5
  • Shabby Chic Cream
    Shabby Chic Cream
    frame size: 34.5x17.5
  • Hand Scraped Smokey Grey
    Hand Scraped Smokey Grey
    frame size: 34x17
  • Hand Scraped Winter White
    Hand Scraped Winter White
    frame size: 34x17
  • Contemporary Black
    Contemporary Black
    frame size: 34x17