Authentic B&W Paper

The New Classic! Your digital files printed on true silver halide paper with no color bias. The full tonality that is achieved by H&H on this paper brings back the beautiful, classic black and white of bygone days.

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  • Wallet
  • 3x6
  • 3½x5
  • 4x4
  • 4x5
  • 4x6
  • 4x7
  • 4x8
  • 4x9
  • 4x10
  • 4x12
  • 5x5
  • 5x7
  • 5x8
  • 5x10
  • 5½x7
  • 5½x14
  • 6x6
  • 6x8
  • 6x9
  • 7x7
  • 7x10
  • 7x11
  • 8x8
  • 8x10
  • 8x12
  • 8½x11
  • 9x12
  • 10x10
  • 10x13
  • 10x14
  • 10x15


Density correction

Studio corrected prints: The studio is responsible for all density corrections; remakes are not allowed for density reasons.

H&H corrected prints: H&H corrects the density to lab standards; remakes are allowed for density reasons.

Print Custom Cut (additional charge)

  • Cutting apart two images on a single print or to trim off a border
  • Must be straight cuts that extend across the entire print
  • For prints 11x14 and larger that will be mounted or un-mounted
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how to order

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