torn edge float blocks

Looking for something a little more fine-art? Take our base block with custom textile materials and add a float mounted Giclée print on 285 gsm cotton etching paper. Talk about unique.

Service Time: 4 Days (20x20 and smaller), 7 Days (20x24 and larger)
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Paper Types

285 GSM Cotton Etching Paper

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8x8    ■    10x10    ■    12x12    ■    16x16    ■    20x20    ■    24x24    ■    30x30

8x10 aspect ratio

8x10    ■    11x14    ■    16x20    ■    20x24    ■    24x30    ■    30x40

8x12 aspect ratio

8x12    ■    12x18    ■    16x24    ■    20x30    ■    24x36



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Edge Collection swatch box

A non-branded, natural fabric covered box with magnetic closure that holds swatches of our Edge Collection options! The sample box includes three inch square swatches of our Edge leathers, 2½x2½ swatches of Edge fabrics, as well as samples of the Edge Print Box wood options.

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