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Shoot Packet

After the shoot is over, the studio is asked to follow these instructions to send a shoot packet to H&H for entry.
The shoot packet should contain the following:

  1. Sports Package Order Form
  2. Copy of flyer/package definitions
  3. Template Text Node Mapping or Package Export xml file from hhschools
  4. CD/DVD (or equivalent) including these items:
    • Images in sub-folders by Team/Group
    • Background images for any studio-design background templates
    • Package Insert background file (if applicable)
    • HHImageHost Event Cover Image (if applicable)
  5. Order envelopes containing forms separated by Team/Group in same sequence as images
  • Sports Package Order Form
    Sports Package
    Order Form
  • Sports Package Definitions
    Sports Package Definitions
  • Template Text Node Mapping
    Template Text Node Mapping
  • CD-DVD
  • Order Envelopes
    Order Envelopes
The responsibility of H&H Color Lab will be to maintain the project to include the following:

  • Setup Packages (Order Entry Services uses hhschools so the packages submitted have to be supported by hhschools)
  • Create Project
  • Import images into project
  • Associate groups if a Group project
  • Input data from order forms
  • Edit per studio’s instructions
  • Crop per studio’s instructions
  • Submit order(s)