A peel-and-stick assortment of twelve unique sticker shapes, all from the same subject, delivered on an 8½x11 die cut sheet.

Service Times

Statuettes will add one additional service day to your school or sports order.

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Ground FOB


8½x11 Vertical

Paper Type

Laminated glossy sticker stock


  • 12 glossy laminated stickers per sheet
  • Delivered on a die cut sheet and can easily be peeled up
  • All American
    All American
  • All Star
    All Star
  • All American
    All American
  • Red Fire
    Red Fire
  • Orange Fire
    Orange Fire
  • Brown Fire
    Brown Fire
  • Yellow Fire
    Yellow Fire
  • Green Fire
    Green Fire
  • Blue Fire
    Blue Fire
  • Purple Fire
    Purple Fire
  • Black Fire
    Black Fire
  • Red Lightning
    Red Lightning
  • Orange Lightning
    Orange Lightning
  • Brown Lightning
    Brown Lightning
  • Yellow Lightning
    Yellow Lightning
  • Green Lightning
    Green Lightning
  • Blue Lightning
    Blue Lightning
  • Purple Lightning
    Purple Lightning
  • Black Lightning
    Black Lightning
  • Silver Liquid
    Silver Liquid
  • Blue Liquid
    Blue Liquid
  • Gold Liquid
    Gold Liquid
  • Pink Liquid
    Pink Liquid
  • Original Studio Background
    Original Studio Background