Image CD

image CD

Our Image CD includes copyright released files (both high and low-res) of all ordered digital images as well as a printable copyright release.

Our Image CD will be discontinued in summer 2021.

If you have been selling the Image CD, we recommend changing to the popular “Image Download with Insert”. Your customer can purchase a package that includes a high-res jpg and we will notify them up to 3 different ways with instructions to download their image— text message, email and a special insert in the envelope. With the link and passcode in the notifications, they can then log into your hhimagehost 2nd sale event and download a high-resolution jpg image. This “hands off” delivery let’s you stay focused on the important stuff—your next picture day.


  • Digital images (high & low res)
  • Copyright released files of all ordered digital images
Product Price
Image CD $2.48

      $10 - 1st order
      $5.50 - reorders (when marked and 1st order is placed in the last 365 days)