We hope you’ll take a close look at the new H&H Knockout Sports Program. It is just the beginning of a new generation of product and design development “freed from the rectangle”, inspired by professional athletic graphics to create a sports program for higher end competitive leagues and varsity sports.


Background library setup: 2 Days

Knock Out:

3 Days (no rush available)




The H&H Sports Team has been watching the leading trends of sports photography. We see the studios who are doing their own extractions and designs are spending hours in Photoshop rather than booking new business, shooting and selling. Our goal has always been to create unique and exciting products to give you the competitive edge while saving you hours of post-production. No longer do you have to choose between the “take a knee and grin” sports photos or spending hours in Photoshop to get elevated designs. Inspired by professional athletics, Knockout sports provides the modern and flexible design that sports consumers desire along with the high speed production tools to keep your business growing. Read on to learn how to work simpler with exciting product solutions engineered to generate excitement with your clients.

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H&H’s knockout sports program will save hours by eliminating the need for time consuming photoshop post-production. With this program there are a few recommendations for how best to utilize KO sports in your sports business.


  • Photograph in front of ANY background. Seriously.
  • Images should be photographed at 3/4 length or closer. Avoid full length images.
  • Images should be of a single posed individual or team. No game-action shots.
  • Test your lighting and posing techniques before photographing your first league/school. We don’t want you to have any surprises.
  • Plan for the final crop when posing your team and individual. Different designs and products require specific aspect ratios.


  • Do not pose subjects behind complex props (like nets or chain-link fences).
  • Do not pose subjects behind props you don’t also want extracted along with the subject.
  • Do not partially crop out or cut off any sports balls, equipment or other props with which you pose the subject.
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Getting Started

Ready to get started? Great! Just fill out this quick web form and you're on the way to using this exciting new program.

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H&H has a one-time charge for extraction plus a small fee for certain KO Sports Templates. Your png images are available to use for reorders, additional backgrounds, and multiple sale opportunities for 45 days. You may also download your extracted PNG images for other use.

Not looking to upgrade your templates? Just want background replacement for your prints? Check out these prices below:

      $10 - 1st order
      $5.50 - reorders (when marked and 1st order is placed in the last 365 days)