H&H wants to help photographers be more competitive, save money, and sell more. We think our Commission Replacement Program can do just that! It is a win/win program for school photographers and the school organization. Check out the details on how to make it work!

Program Information

Commission replacement provides the school an opportunity to make extra money through a “cash and carry” fundraising event, where the photographer offers the organization a photographic product to sell. The idea of commission replacement is to offer a set of “discounted” products that will cost the photographer less out-of-pocket than the commission he is paying now.

  • Offer 1 of 5 products to your school
  • Can only be ordered through hhsports or hhschools
  • Must order one commission product for every individual photographed
  • Commission products cannot be submitted with the package order - they must be submitted in a separate order
  • Must sort by teams or groups
  • Only one type of commission product per order
  • Requires a coupon code when placing the order

Here is one example of how it can work...

Traditional Commission Program:

  • Photographer gives organization or league $2 for each A,B,C package sold
  • If there are 400 buyers (from 500 athletes, for example) at $2 each, the photographer pays $800 to the organization

Commission Replacement Program:

  • Photographer orders magnets (or another commission replacement product) from H&H at a cost of $1 per individual photographed ($500).
  • The photographer GIVES these to the organization in lieu of the commission. The organization sells 350 of these magnets for $5 each, totaling $1,750—$950 MORE cash for the organization than the $800 commission.
  • The photographer also SAVES $300, as he pays only $500 instead of the $800 commission in our example.
  • OR–the photographer can choose to sell the magnets to the organization at cost and SAVE even more!

In this example, the photographer saves $800! (No commission and no product cost!)

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The five commission products H&H is offering in this program have a perceived value of $7 to $10 dollars to the public

  • 3” Round Photo Button
  • 3” Round Photo Magnet
  • Bag Tag
  • 3½x5 Magnet
  • Neil Enterprises Water Bottle Insert Print
  • Knockout Sports Button
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how to order

To order this product download our hhschools software.

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