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H&H provides business tools such as a sports photography calendar, sample contracts, and more. Download these valuable resources and put them to work for you in your studio.

Photography Types Revenue Calculator

Most photography business owners struggle when it comes to revenue goals. They want to grow but aren’t sure what’s realistic or what kind of photography is going to be the best way to do that–which is why we created the Photography Type Revenue Calculator. This free calculator will help you determine what you need to do to meet the goal of doubling your revenue.

You’ll start by entering the work you do today. And then you will list specific targets for the types of photography you want to offer that will help you reach your revenue goal.

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Studio Bridge

Sometimes studios wish to offer higher end products in volume photography that don’t fit in the volume production process, packaging and delivery systems well. H&H Color Lab’s hhschools Studio Bridge is a unique feature that allows you to manage your workflow in hhschools and then quickly and easily pass certain images to hhstudio software for separate, high end product orders.

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Sports Photography Calendar

Download our Sports Photography Calendar to help plan your year and stay ahead of the competition. This helpful tool includes reminders for sales opportunities, marketing, account maintenance, yearbooks, and all other school photography tasks.

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Download our preseason checklist to help you prepare for a successful school season.

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Sample Contract

Download our sample Sports Photography Contract. DISCLAIMER - THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE: Seek advise from your councilor regarding contract law in your state. This sample contract is provided courtesy of Jeff Edwards, Scholastic Reflections Photography.

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