vintage wood boxes

vintage wood boxes

Present your customers with a fashionable packaging solution. Our solid wood boxes come with a unique, distressed finish. Brand your business or personalize for your client with these stylish, engraved vintage boxes.

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Lid is 4”x4”, box is 2.75” deep

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Vintage Wood Boxes are offered in Black, White, Olive and Chocolate. Boxex may be ordered with or without engraving.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the natural distressed look of the vintage wood boxes there may be variations in color or distressing patterns between box lids and bases. These variations are intentional and do not indicate a defective product.

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Engraving is a great way to personalize your vintage wood boxes. Below are some examples of engraving to help you learn what works and what doesn't when preparing your files for ordering this service.

File Preparation Guidelines

  • Image size is 3.625” x 3.625”.
  • Artwork must be logos, text, or graphics only in black, white, and shades of grey.
  • Color or black & white photographs are not allowed and do not produce acceptable results.
  • White areas of the design will show the original surface color of the drive or box.
  • Black areas of the design will be engraved deeply.
  • Grey areas of the design will be engraved in varying degrees of depth; the darker the grey the deeper the engraving.

Example 1 - black logo

This example shows the very simplest possible type of engraving. Only black and white are used in the file which is a company logo. This is a very clean, successful design which will work well on any box color.

Example 2 - black & grey simple logo

This example shows how using a shade of grey mixed with black will produce a variety of depth in the engraving. The word "STUDIOS" is black in the design so it is engraved more deeply than the medium grey word "Imagine". The fact that the two words overlap does not cause any problem. This type of design should also work well on any box color.

Example 3 - black & grey complex logo

This example shows how a very intricate black and grey design works. The result is pleasing, but careful box color selection will enhance this type of design. It is shown on a Chocolate box, however it would probably pop a bit better on a black box. The fine details are quite thin and may wear over time.

Example 4 - black & grey school mascot

This pair of wood boxes illustrates how logos may need to be manipulated in order to achieve optimal results. The first example pair shows the original color logo file simply converted to black & white. The second example pair shows the same logo manipulated to optimize it for engraving.

  • Change 1: The school's initials (SC) on the first example don't stand out very well. This is because they were a medium grey in order file 1 which caused the olive box top to be embossed in that area. By changing the letters to white in order file 2, shown on the black box, they stand out as well as the mascot.
  • Change 2: The eagle's beak was changed from a light grey in order file 1 to pure white in order file 2. This avoids the very slight scraped look on the olive box and helps the mascot look more uniform.
  • Change 3: The last change is visible between the eagle's head and the top and bottom of the "C" on the olive box. There was a small triangular space that was left white on the first file, but when this translated to the engraved box did not look as good. In the second example this area was filled in solid black which helped the final engraving look better.
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how to order

To order this product download our hhstudio software.

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