Magic Crop

Use Magic Crop to Crop all your images Fast

Stop wasting your time cropping images by hand

Cropping thousands of images takes time

At H&H Color Lab we know that you want to be a successful school photographer. In order to do that, you need to take a photo every 30 seconds and get paid for it. The problem is processing thousands of photos can keep you from photographing more. Which makes you feel nervous about taking on more work. We believe you shouldn’t have to waste your time doing something that isn’t going to make you more money.

It is so worth the money!

“It shaved at least an hour off of a project for us. It was only 240 subjects. So can’t wait to try it on our bigger schools!! Thank you H&H for coming up with a truly cool and helpful tool! If you haven’t purchased credits you should. I can tell it will so be worth the money.”

-Becky Cowles Phillips
Photography by Mark
Sioux Falls, SD

Very happy with the results!!

“Used Magic Crop for the first time yesterday! I'll definitely be using it for the rest of our yearbooks, it saved me the majority of our proofing time, in a time where it's a chore just getting ourselves back to the studio TO proof. My 750 person school was cropped in about 30 minutes, in the background while I did data work. Very happy with the results!”

-Sarah Goodwin
Goodwin Imaging
Petal, Mississippi

We understand cropping can be one of the most time consuming post-processing tasks. Which is why we make post processing simple.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Import your images into hhschools and upload your images to have the faces analyzed.
  2. Let our AI magically crop all of your images while you work on the rest of the project.
  3. Review the cropping when the analysis is complete, and submit the package order to H&H.

Watch this video to see the magic happen. Stop spending hours sitting at your computer cropping images and answering calls from impatient parents and instead spend your time the way you want.