Digital Files

Digital Files

We will remove CD as a delivery option this summer. Computers no longer come standard with CD/DVD drives and we want to ensure you remain successful in delivering files to your clients fast.

With CD’s going away you will now need a new way to deliver images to your customer. You can email them out yourself, or you can automate it with hhimagehost. In addition to helping you sell more, hhimagehost can manage notifications and delivery of your purchased digital files that will save you a lot of time and creates an opportunity for even more sales. This “hands off” delivery lets you stay focused on the important stuff—your next picture day.

Selling digital files as part of your school or sports program can be a great upsell to your package prints and specialty products. But delivering them fast, securely and keeping everything organized can be a nightmare. That’s where hhimagehost comes in. We built an integration with hhimagehost so delivering a digital file is as simple as ordering an 8x10. Offer your digital files as an a-la-carte product that is higher margin than your target sale package, or as a bonus to your higher end packages. Check out your options for making digital files a part of increasing your sales and margins in your school and sports program.

Shipping: Ground FOB

Service Time

Images Ordered From Jan - Feb March - May June - July Aug - Dec
Orders with fewer than 800 images ordered from 1-2 days 3-4 days 1-2 days 4-5 days
Orders with more than 800 images ordered from 2-3 days 4-5 days 2-3 days 5-6 days

hhimagehost digital download

Our hhimagehost Digital Download helps you sell digital files in prepay or proof plan sales that are delivered via your hhimagehost 2nd sale event. Your studio customer can purchase a package that includes a high res file and a 4x10 insert which serves as the window envelope receipt with download instructions. They can then log into your hhimagehost event using the password on the insert and download a high resolution digital file. This is a completely automated workflow from your hhschools package order, to H&H printing the digital download instruction print, to notify hhimagehost to make this image available for free download.

This “hands off” digital image download is delivered as 4x10 insert in window envelope and is then downloaded via an hhimagehost 2nd sale event.


When this digital download is ordered in hhschools:

  1. hhschools package order comes to H&H
  2. 4x10 insert is printed for the purchased digital download with hhimagehost 2nd sale URL and password
  3. Consumer receives their package and goes to hhimagehost 2nd sale and logs in
  4. Images marked for digital download have an icon that allows the studio client to download that image in their browser
  5. If it is a knockout image the studio client can choose which background they wish to have rendered to the image
  6. In the “manage images” section of the event, hhimagehost will keep track of how many times each image has been downloaded
  • Dynamic Text Fields
    Dynamic Text Fields
  • Download Link
    Download Link
  • Background Selection (green screen only)
    Background Selection
    (green screen only)
    & Image Download
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image CD

Our Image CD includes copyright released files (both high and low-res) of all ordered digital images as well as a printable copyright release.

Our Image CD will be discontinued in summer 2021.

If you have been selling the Image CD, we recommend changing to the popular “Image Download with Insert”. Your customer can purchase a package that includes a high-res jpg and we will notify them up to 3 different ways with instructions to download their image— text message, email and a special insert in the envelope. With the link and passcode in the notifications, they can then log into your hhimagehost 2nd sale event and download a high-resolution jpg image. This “hands off” delivery let’s you stay focused on the important stuff—your next picture day.

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A deluxe version of our Image Only CD, our Image Pack CD includes copyright released files of all ordered digital images, in addition to a wide assortment of digital products including: color, B&W white and sepia tone files; a designed notebook paper file; a designed Fun Pack file; a You Are Invited card file; a Happy Mother’s Day card file; a Happy Father’s Day card file; a My Favorites template; a 10 up sticker page template; a safety ID template and a Facebook Header file.

Image Pack CD will be discontinued in summer 2021.

If you have been selling the Image Pack CD, we recommend changing to the new School Image Pack Download when it becomes available in late June. It will include a high res jpg and copyright release of the ordered digital image, in addition to a wide assortment of printable and shareable products geared toward both parents and their children.

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how to order

To order this product download our hhschools software.

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