Fun Paks

A staple school and daycare product, Fun Packs are a colorful collection of press printed, clear plastic-laminated, and die cut novelty items. All novelty items, except the ruler, include a small subject photo to personalize the fun pack. Like all template products at H&H, Fun Packs come in a wide variety of different template themes, or design your own!

Service Times

Statuettes will add one additional service day to your school or sports order.


Ground FOB



Paper Type

Satin Press Stock with glossy lamination


Clear plastic-laminated, die cut
Includes four key fobs, four bag tags, two bookmarks, a door hanger and a ruler
Personalized text line and small image photo on items (no photo on ruler)

  • All American
    All American
  • All Star
    All Star
  • Red Apples
    Red Apples
  • Brick Wall
    Brick Wall
  • Crayons
  • Gold Grunge<br>(Fun Pack)
    Gold Grunge
    (Fun Pack)
  • Gold Grunge<br>(Sports Pack)
    Gold Grunge
    (Sports Pack)
  • Handmade Paper
    Handmade Paper
  • Silver Liquid
    Silver Liquid
  • Blue Liquid
    Blue Liquid
  • Gold Liquid
    Gold Liquid
  • Pink Liquid
    Pink Liquid
  • Original Studio Background
    Original Studio Background
    (Fun Pack)
  • Original Studio Background
    Original Studio Background
    (Sports Pack)
  • Geometric