Group Borders

Whether you are asked to do class composites or group photos, H&H has the product and design options for you. Template borders for groups offer many designs to enhance a school group photo. Optional data-linked titling and student names in rows personalize the group photos for each group.

Service Times

Images Ordered From Jan - Feb March - May June - July Aug - Dec
Orders with fewer than 800 images ordered from 1-2 days 3-4 days 1-2 days 4-5 days
Orders with more than 800 images ordered from 2-3 days 4-5 days 2-3 days 5-6 days


Ground FOB


  • 5x7
  • 6x8
  • 8x10
  • 10x13
  • 11x14
  • 16x20
  • 20x24
  • 30x20
  • Sizes vary by design theme

      $10 - 1st order
      $5.50 - reorders (when marked and 1st order is placed in the last 365 days)

Paper Type

Photographic Lustre


  • All American
    All American
  • Brick Wall
    Brick Wall
  • Crayons
  • Gold Grunge
    Gold Grunge
  • Handmade Paper
    Handmade Paper
  • Silver Liquid
    Silver Liquid
  • Blue Liquid
    Blue Liquid
  • Gold Liquid
    Gold Liquid
  • Pink Liquid
    Pink Liquid
  • Burgundy Pinstripe
    Burgundy Pinstripe
  • Red Pinstripe
    Red Pinstripe
  • Orange Pinstripe
    Orange Pinstripe
  • Yellow Pinstripe
    Yellow Pinstripe
  • Green Pinstripe
    Green Pinstripe
  • Blue Pinstripe
    Blue Pinstripe
  • Purple Pinstripe
    Purple Pinstripe
  • Pink Pinstripe
    Pink Pinstripe
  • Tan Pinstripe
    Tan Pinstripe
  • Black Pinstripe
    Black Pinstripe
  • Studio Background 11x14
    Studio Background 11x14
  • Studio Background Border #2
    Studio Background Border #2
  • Studio Background Border #3
    Studio Background Border #3
  • Team Base Border
    Team Base Border
  • Collegiate Group
    Collegiate Group