Admin CD

Images for the school administration are an essential service item required by schools. It’s these images that provide the school the ability to recognize and identify students. We offer many different types of school administration software exports. Let us help provide you with the correct disc to fit the school’s needs.

Service Time:

2 days (add an additional 2 days for green screen knockout)


FedEx Ground (charged by weight of contents)
Web delivery available


Export Options

Each administration export has its own precise specifications. The following questions may need to be asked to determine which type of export the school needs:

  • What School Administration software is the school using?
  • What file format does the software require for the images (.bmp, .tiff, .jpg, etc.)?
  • What size image is required, in pixels? For example (300H x 200W)
  • What resolution is required for the images? (pixels per inch)
  • How should the image files be named?
  • Is an accompanying text file needed? If so what format does it need to be? (comma delimited, tab delimited)
  • What information and in what order should the text file contain?
    For example, a typical comma delimited file would contain the following:
    Image Name, Student ID #, Last Name, First Name, Grade, Teacher
  • Should the data and images be placed into a specific folder, and if so how should the folders be named?

Delivery Options

NEW! Web delivery of school admin and yearbook exports:

  • Faster delivery
  • No shipping charges
  • Simpler to forward to your schools
  • Utilizes Citrix ShareFile to maintain security of delivery
  • Built in 90 day archive

CD delivery is still available but we expect most studios will choose this new Web delivery option.