As you plan to use one of our spring programs it’s important that you consider all of the variables and allow enough time to be fully prepared on picture day. Not only do you need to make sure you have the background and equipment necessary for the shoot but that your prepay flyer is printed or your proof plan is setup with our design team.

Flyer Design and Setup

Use the chart below to determine how much additional time is needed for your flyer design, setup and printing.

Studio Designed Prepay Flyers H&H Designed Prepay Flyers Proof Plan Design and Setup
Custom Flyer Design & Setup 0 Days 3 Days 5 Days
Flyer Printing 3 Days 3 Days 3 Days
Total Flyer Days 3 Days 6 Days 8 Days

Service time guarantees are dependent on healthy communication with your studio, the number of flyers you are printing and will vary during peak season. Order early!


Our comprehensive Sage Tweed Spring Program for jpeg is really easy! It includes everything you need - instructions, lighting diagrams, prop suggestions, product templates picture day posters and take home reminders – all coordinated with our Sage Tweed theme. Just read through the material below, download our program booklet, and get started!

Want to learn everything in one place? Download the Sage Tweed Spring Program booklet:

Sage Tweed Spring Program Booklet


  • Pose 1
    Pose 1
  • Pose 2
    Pose 2

Pose 1: Head & Shoulders

Pose 1 is either a cropped version of pose 2 or can be a second shot closer in to the subject.

Pose 2: 3/4 Length

Pose 2 is a 3/4 length pose. Pose the student comfortably. This pose is intended to give your customers a second choice to use for an outdoor environmental portrait.


CLICK HERE to view Academy template product details.
CLICK HERE to view Sage Tweed template product details.

  • Aluminum Desk Print
    Aluminum Desk Print
  • Deluxe Key Chain
    Deluxe Key Chain
  • Dog Tag
    Dog Tag
  • Key Fobs
    Academy Key Fobs
  • Locker Magnet
    Academy Locker Magnet
  • Mirror
    Academy Mirror
  • Mother of Pearl Necklace
    Mother of Pearl Necklace
  • Mouse Pad
    Mouse Pad
  • Notepad
    Academy 3x9 Notepad
  • Sage Tweed Border
    Sage Tweed Border
  • Sage Tweed Luggage Tag
    Sage Tweed
    Luggage Tag
  • Reflections
    Sage Tweed
  • Sage Tweed Wallet Magnets
    Sage Tweed
    Wallet Magnets


sage tweed

sage tweed backgrounds

Download the coordinating sage tweed backgrounds for our Academy templates and you can add any Academy product you like to this program. A unique background jpeg file has been created for each product to make ordering easy. The backgrounds are available with or without text accent lines.

download files with lines download files without lines
view Academy template details
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