Chalkboard Spring Program - JPEG

Our Chalkboard-themed jpeg program is a great way to set yourself apart from the same-old school spring program that is presented year after year! From the sets, the lighting, the backgrounds, the products, the marketing materials and the multiple pose selections from just one photo, your competition will not be able to even get close!


Our comprehensive Chalkboard Spring Program for jpeg is really easy! It includes everything you need - instructions, lighting diagrams, prop suggestions, product templates picture day posters and take home reminders – all coordinated with our Chalkboard theme. Just read through the material below, download our program booklet, and get started!


  • Books Pose 1
    Books Pose 1
  • Books Pose 2
    Books Pose 2
  • Standing Pose 1
    Standing Pose 1
  • Standing Pose 2
    Standing Pose 2

Pose 1: 1/2 Length

Pose 1 is a vertical 1/2 length pose. Be sure to pose the student comfortably leaning on the books from behind. Think of this as a 1/2 length pose without the books. This pose gives the school day look and feel that coordinates well with the spring program chalkboard theme.

Pose 2: Head & Shoulders

Pose 2 is either a cropped version of Pose 1, or can be a second image photographed closer to the subject. This pose, or crop, is also vertical so it will work well with the templates designed for this program.


CLICK HERE to view Academy template product details.
CLICK HERE to view Rustic and Chalkboard template product details.

  • Acrylic Keychain
    Large Acrylic Keychain
  • Border Chalkboard
    Chalkboard Border
  • Border Rustic
    Rustic Border
  • Calendar
    Academy Calendar
  • Dog Tag
    Dog Tag
  • Key Fobs
    Academy Key Fobs
  • Locker Magnet
    Academy Locker Magnet
  • Notepad
    Academy 3x9 Notepad
  • Personality Portrait Chalkboard
    Chalkboard Personality Portrait
  • Personality Portrait Rustic
    Rustic Personality Portrait


Download the coordinating chalkboard backgrounds for our Academy templates and you can add any Academy product you like to this program. A unique background jpeg file has been created for each product to make ordering easy. The backgrounds are available with or without text accent lines. CLICK HERE to view Academy template product details.

  • Academy Template
    Academy Template
  • Background
    Chalkboard Background
  • Finished Product
    Finished Product