To order, use our hhschools software.

hhschools Software

Select "Custom Composite" in hhschools to order a Multi Class Composite.


When your design is finished, you will receive an email link to our preview site where you can view your composite design.

If a physical proof is requested, it will be shipped the same day your digital proof is sent. (Proofs that are 8x10 and smaller will be produced on an 8.5x11 sheet, proofs that are 10x13 and larger will be produced on an 11x17 sheet.)

If you prefer to print your own proof, you can download a PDF of your LOW RESOLUTION composite by using the download button in Workfront.

Changes can be left in Workfront for a faster turn around time or physical proofs can be shipped back in with requested changes. Each time changes are requested, an updated preview link will be sent for your approval.

To approve a composite, please select the green "Finish Review" button at the top of Workfront and choose the option "Approved."

Finally, a FINAL PRINT ORDER FORM MUST BE COMPLETED in order for us to place your print order. This form can be located in the email containing your proof. We will not move forward with ordering your composite print until this form has been received.

Design Preview