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Stevenson Studios, LLC

My name is Roxanne Stevenson and I own Stevenson Studios, LLC in Holstein, IA. I have been a school photographer for 10 years and I was loyal to the same lab for 10 years. I did a reasonable amount of business, the quality of the product was good and I thought I was doing everything I could for my business. Then Randy Michaelis stopped by my studio one day. I had just had a baby (my 3rd) and hadn't quite gotten back into the swing of everyday business but he came and we had a nice chat about what H&H could offer, the different workflows they offer and the software. I didn't take him up on his offer that moment, I didn't think I had the time to learn something new. But one day I took the leap with a junior high sports order and from that point on I have switched everything to H&H and have never been happier! The software at H&H is phenomenal, it is so easy to use and so organized! Best of all they are all so helpful and willing to give you a hand. I attended Schools 101 last summer to get some hands on learning of the software and even though I have been doing school photos for 10 years I even learned a few tricks that really helped my workflow this year. This school picture season has been the best school season I've ever had and I have H&H to thank for that. Financially, my sales were up-- a lot! I credit the fantastic marketing materials and quality product offering. And just as impressive was my workflow. I got sleep this year! I cannot say enough how much I love HH Schools software it has made my life easier and I begged them to let me try the Opticon scanner for scanning during the shoot and I love it. H&H got my photos back SO FAST that I was genuinely shocked when my first school district order of over 1000 students came back to my door in about 3-4 days! The order was packaged beautifully and the photos were fantastic. Great presentation! They make me look good! I even had compliments from parents on my order forms and how good they looked. I can go on and on about the top quality service H&H offers and on top of it all the customer service cannot be matched. I have felt so welcomed by everyone and have enjoyed working with everyone and I love feeling like I have a team behind me that cares as much about the success of my business as I do.

Thank you H&H and a special Thank You to Randy Michaelis who even took the time recently to come down to my studio and help me personally with sales and techniques to expand my business. I look forward to working with H&H for many years to come!

Studio 530

Studio 530

H&H saved our school photography business... and I really can’t tell you how great these guys are! We use them for all our T&I and schools and their online systems are crazy good! At the time we were starting to shoot schools we were promised a lot from "another" lab and it almost killed us. We went to H&H lab and they trained all of us in their training facility and held our hand into success!

Here is the kicker... we were only shooting one school, but you would have thought we were a 2 million dollar business... they treated us like queens and kings and we now have over 15 schools and looking to get 5 or 6 more this year! Thanks H&H!


Ariana Falerni

Ariana Falerni

You’ve probably heard me evangelizing about any number of H&H products at some point over in the forums, but I specifically have a mad love affair with their pearl press and pearl prints. So much so that I actually use pearl paper even for my proofs during my in person sales sessions! Pearl gives my images a gorgeous extra dimension, and it makes skin look so amazing. It doesn’t hurt that even blown skies look fantastic on pearl. I’m also a big fan of their fabric cover, photo and canvas covered albums. I use them for all my session albums and the quality and turn-around time can’t be beat.

David Quisenberry

David Quisenberry

Let me give my opinion. H&H was not my main lab for the first 7 years. I would occasionally use them for something my lab did not offer. I sell a fairly high priced album to nearly every senior that walks in my door, so I need one that looks and has a tactile feel of something worth investing in. 2 years ago I was looking for a new album as an alternative and chose H&H's photo cover. It quickly became my best seller even though I had it priced as the premium choice (which actually cost me less to purchase). I dropped the previous album and added their metal cover as the new premium upgrade.

I was still using the lab I had started with until this summer. I had a customer service issue with them (nothing huge) and on a whim decided to place the order with H&H. To put it lightly, I was very surprised at the difference in what I received. First, their packaging was so nice that I could give it straight to the client if I did not have custom packaging. Everything is protected better than any other lab I have ordered things from. Their colors had much more pop to them on the images ( I do not have labs adjust my colors). Just to make sure I was really seeing what I thought, I ordered a couple of the same prints from my current lab and compared them side by side. The proof was obvious. Needless to say, all my prints, albums and cards are now ordered from H&H.

Michelle Hanke

We recently ordered a custom gallery wrap that we took and displayed at a client’s home. We wanted to say thank you thank you...first the prints were beautiful, second thank you for the 12 days of Christmas special that saves us lots of money...and third (possibly the best) thank you for Bentley and the custom wall template sheet he created for us. We had it hung up in an hour’s time thanks to him.

You guys are great...I never want to take you for granted.