The history of H&H Color Lab is one of tremendous growth and change. H&H began in the basement of Wayne and Shirley Haub's residence in a sleepy suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, in 1970. Wayne and his brother, Ted Haub, owned a portrait studio that had just landed its first high school senior contract. With a background in and love for color printing, Wayne chose to install his own color processing equipment in the basement of his home.

Business increased, and so did the need for additional employees. What began with one person (Wayne) doing all the processing, printing, "art work", invoicing, telephone, purchasing, building maintenance, etc., now took five people! The small home business no longer encompassed the basement level, but now engulfed the garage, extra bedroom, and kitchen areas. And with a growing family, it was time to move!

In 1974 a small 1,200 square foot home at 8906 East 67th Street, our present location, was purchased and renovated. Then in 1979 the first major addition to the lab was built and took most of the backyard of the property. The following decades brought growth and change and what had started as one home, now grew to 11 homes. Many were joined under one roof with a façade that made the now 60,000 square foot building appear as one unit.

In 2002, H&H University was established with the simple motto "Keeping you in touch with changing technology." Digital technology had all of us scrambling for the right answers to our countless questions. H&H University became a respected source of truth and a place where photographers knew that the only agenda was helping them succeed. Today we continue this tradition in a world-class facility where the focus goes way beyond just digital printing.

From its modest beginning, H&H has grown into one of the industry's largest single facility pro photo labs. It has grown and prospered using a combination of close customer relationships, the highest possible product quality, and an aggressive pricing strategy. Servicing nearly every photo processing need for studios ranging from startup mom and pop operations to some of the largest independent school and specialty studios, our professional lab does business across the country, servicing customers in every state of the union!

Lean Manufacturing

One of the most significant contributions to H&H's success has been Wayne's commitment to Lean Manufacturing production initiatives. Lean principles are taught to all employees and implemented through the lab. One-piece work flow was implemented by the formation of production cells which creates efficiency, fast turn times, minimizes errors, and encourages communication. Continuous process improvement is promoted by Kaisen events which bring employees from all areas of the lab together for a week at a time to focus on, analyze and improve specific workflows.

Our Philosophy and Core Values

By design, H&H fully engages in both the high end portrait/wedding market and the high volume school/sports/events market. By leading in product development for high quality, value products of portrait and wedding, H&H has become excellent at design, fit and finish, and materials selection to compete against the leading high quality product suppliers. H&H offers a complete product catalog including photographic prints, leather bound albums, jewelry, metal prints and products, and press printed books, cards, and on-line sales.

By fully understanding the volume photography demands of data, images, and automation, H&H has built software and manufacturing systems that deliver tremendous product personalization, add-on sale delivery packaging, and multiple sale delivery without compounding the studio workload. By doing this, H&H is able to help the independent business compete with and thrive against the large corporate photo businesses in the school/sports area.

With all the changes that have occurred in our industry over the years, H&H has seen a steady growth pattern. We feel blessed and believe this growth pattern is related to our company business philosophy as stated in our mission statement:

"At H&H Color Lab, customer satisfaction is not an unrealistic goal, but a principle of our business. Our strongest interest and focus is customer service because customer satisfaction is our strong suit, our forte, and our customers realize this. We impute to them in our business dealings that the virtues of honesty and integrity are important. Thus we strive to make our relationship with our customers one built on respect, satisfaction, and trust. We succeed in achieving this end result because of our personal attention to the needs of our customers and because of our personal attention to detail as we process their orders.

We don't take chances or risks with our customers. Stability is a by-word in our company. At the same time, we are aggressive in our marketing practices and on the cutting edge of technological development. Our customers find that we put all three ideals of high quality, dependable service, and low prices into practice on a daily basis at H&H Color Lab. We relate to our customers, and we have a philosophy our customer can relate to."

Our core values are taught to every employee – truthful communication, integrity, honesty, team success before individual success, and only a right thing done in a right way is right.

With the overall stated business goal of “While exceeding customer expectations, we make an honorable profit”, H&H now celebrates its 44th year in business and continues to set the industry standard in color, quality and customer service.

We invite you to experience the soul of H&H!