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Images by: Kirk Voclain Photography

The quality of our tempered glass cutting boards and coasters (both stone and hardboard) is consistent with what you expect from H&H. These unique products are very popular and make great finishing touches to any home or office.


PRODUCT INFO service time: 1 day

cutting board

  • size: 12.125"x16"
  • tempered glass
  • dishwasher safe
  • includes 4 clear rubber feet 
  • order through eZsuite

hardboard coasters

  • size: 3.75"x3.75"
  • hardboard coasters have a glossy finish
  • coaster back is cork
  • coaster holder available (additional cost)
  • order through eZsuite

custom photo coaster set   personalized photo coaster cork-back   our photo lab's coaster holder

hardboard coaster set


hardboard coaster back


hardboard coaster holder

tumbled stone coasters

  • size: 4"x4"
  • stone coasters have a matte stone finish
  • includes 4 clear rubber feet
  • coaster holder available (additional cost)
  • order through eZsuite

personalized stone coaster set   tumbled stone photo coasters set   Our professional photography lab's stone coaster holder

tumbled stone coaster set


tumbled stone coaster


stone coaster holder

tumbled stone tile

  • size: 6"x6"
  • stone tiles have a matte stone finish 
  • easel is optional
  • order through eZsuite

custom stone photo tiles

  personalized photo stone tile set   H&H's phto lab's tile holder 

tumbled stone tile (with optional easel)


tumbled stone tile


stone tile easel

marketing images

Download the complete set of decorative item marketing images. Open them in Photoshop and add your own images for use on web sites or marketing brochures and catalogs.

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  custom picture on a coaster templates