Our economy album will knock your socks off. This album, offered in three sizes, comes in a beautiful black leather cover….not leatherette, but real leather! For easy ordering it has preset page quantities…and best of all it comes with a price that you can’t refuse! Seeing is believing, and you must see, touch and feel this album! It boasts of all the quality you expect from H&H!

Service Time:

2 Days


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  • 10x10 with 10 pages/20 sides or 15 pages/30 sides
  • 8x8 with 10 pages/20 sides or 15 pages/30 sides
  • 5x5 with 10 pages/20 sides or 15 pages/30 sides
  • Sides vs. Pages
    Sides vs. Pages

Paper Type

Photographic Lustre


  • One piece album cover construction
  • Pages must be designed as full panoramas (no single sides)
  • Includes our signature lay-flat pages that boast of one of the smallest center splits in the industry - allowing a stunning pano look across two separate pages
  • Albums have square page corners
  • No color correction is available

Cover Materials

  • Black Leather
    Black Leather

Cover Options


  • Character limitations vary depending on cover size, font, and font size; see hhstudio for preview
  • Available in Silver, Gold, and Black; see hhstudio for exceptions
  • Script font available in small and medium
  • Block font available in small, medium, large, and jumbo
    • Large and jumbo only allow 1 line of text
    • Jumbo is only available in all caps

Imprint Fonts

  • Block Font - Avant Garde
    Block Font
    Avant Garde
  • Script Font - Alana
    Script Font
  • Font Sizes
    Font Sizes

Front Cover Imprint Positions

  • Center
  • Parallel
  • Right Edge
    Right Edge