Geometrix Pro KO

Our newly designed Pro template series, Geometrix Pro KO, gives your studio a dynamic edge combining image knockout with team color customization and cutting edge background options. Choose a background, choose a team color, and choose a template to create these unique and competitive sports products. Mix and match to design a custom look for your clients!


All templates below are shown with a royal blue Diagonals background but are available in all 5 background designs and 41 pro colors.

  • Banner (24x36)
    Banner (24x36)
  • Banner (36x48)
    Banner (36x48)
  • Border (4 Wallets)
    Border (4 Wallets)
  • Border (2 - 3.5x5)
    Border (2 - 3.5x5)
  • Border (2 Wallets, 1 - 3.5x5)
    Border (2 Wallets,
    1 - 3.5x5)
  • Border (5x7)
    Border (5x7)
  • Border (8x10)
    Border (8x10)
  • Team Border (5x7)
    Team Border (5x7)
  • Team Border (6x8)
    Team Border (6x8)
  • Team Border (8x10)
    Team Border (8x10)
  • Team Border (10x13)
    Team Border (10x13)
  • Button
  • Dry Erase Magnet
    Dry Erase Magnet
  • 4x5 Magazine Cover Magnet
    Magazine Cover Magnet (4x5)
  • 8x10 Magazine Cover
    Magazine Cover (8x10)
  • 4x5 Border Magnet
    Border Magnet (4x5)
  • Round Magnet
    Round Magnet
  • 8x10 Memory Mate
    Memory Mate (8x10)
  • 10x13 Memory Mate
    Memory Mate (10x13)
  • Mouse Pad
    Mouse Pad
  • Mug
  • Plaque Border (8x10)
    Plaque Border (8x10)
  • Plaque Team Border (8x10)
    Plaque Team Border (8x10)
  • Plaque Memory Mate (8x10)
    Plaque Memory Mate (8x10)
  • Trader Card
    Trader Card
  • Trader Magnet
    Trader Magnet
  • Wallet Magnet
    Wallet Magnet

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      $10 - 1st order
      $5.50 - reorders (when marked and 1st order is placed in the last 365 days)

Template Backgrounds

These five background graphics give you the choice to reveal a little or a lot of your chosen background color. Whether you make a color splash or subtly accent the team colors, you'll have an instant hit! All backgrounds below are shown in orange but are available in 42 different pro colors.

  • Angles
  • Diagonals
  • Hexagons
  • Triangles 1
    Triangles 1
  • Triangles 2
    Triangles 2
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Maroon Cardinal Scarlet Orange Bronze Gold Yellow Safety Green
Lime Kelly Green Dark Green Aqua Light Blue Silver Blue Royal Blue Navy Blue
Purple Light Purple Magenta Hot Pink Pink Silver Charcoal Brown
Taupe Chai Tea Champagne Spring Green Sage Green Teal Storm Cloud Sky Blue
Periwinkle Lavender Mauve Plum Sienna Blush Carnation Raspberry
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  • Millenium Bold Extended
    Millenium Bold Extended
  • Tandelle
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