Web delivery of admin and yearbook exports

As technology has migrated away from CD/DVD drives, computers no longer come standard with a CD/DVD drive. To respond to this shift, H&H is adding web delivery of school administrative exports and yearbook exports.

When you order your admin or yearbook export, you’ll see the option to choose “CD delivery” or “web delivery”.

Choose web delivery and provide an email address for us to send a link to the export.

H&H has chosen to use the platform “ShareFile” to manage the distribution of these exports in order to utilize the storage, email notification, security, sharing, and download tracking access of this student data.

Download Instruction PDF for Web Delivery through ShareFile

When you choose to have web delivery of an admin or yearbook export, H&H will process the order, post these images and data to ShareFile, and request ShareFile to send an email to the address you provide for that order.

Important note: We recommend that you consider using a different email than the one you’ve given H&H for H&H order confirmations. This will help you to quickly identify these export emails and not get them mixed in with your H&H order confirmation emails.

Your email from ShareFile will contain:

  • Studio Name
  • Order Description
  • Export Name
  • Link to login to ShareFile or setup a ShareFile account

The first time you receive a ShareFile email notifying you of the available export download, you’ll need to go into and setup an account with ShareFile. This takes about 30 seconds to do and will give you administrative privilege to manage who gets what exports.

Once you setup a ShareFile account, you’ll only have to login to ShareFile to retrieve the export.
As an administrator, you’ll also be able to:

  • Designate what emails at the school you wish to be notified to receive this export. Only the email addresses you designate will be able to download the file from ShareFile. This maintains the security of this student data and images until the school downloads the files.
  • Use optional message allow you to require a login upon sharing a file and also receive notification when the file is downloaded.

Whomever you tell ShareFile to email with this export will also need to setup a ShareFile account and then they will be able to download the export file to their computer. Once an email address has a ShareFile account, they will just have to login to retrieve future exports.

Important data security information: As with any computer data, H&H, ShareFile, and your business can only maintain access control of the data while the data is in ShareFile. Once your client has downloaded the zip file of images and data, they assume responsibility to store and transmit the data in accordance with their organization’s privacy policies. We can no longer assure its limited access outside of the environment of ShareFile. If the school sends the information as an attachment to an email or some other method, it is not secure. Most schools already have student data usage and transmission policies in place, but it’s important for you to understand and be clear in your communication about the limit of the security you and H&H can provide once the school downloads the files. This is no different than when we distributed admin and yearbook exports on CD and DVD, but it is worth repeating with the increasing focus on data security.

ShareFile will keep the export in the system for 30 days, but we recommend that you tell your schools they have 14 days or less so that they will take immediate action in downloading the files. We recommend that the studio retain a copy of the zip file in case the school loses it.

Remember that we also offer the hhschools general purpose export license. For $99 you have unlimited csv and image exports from hhschools in a general format that works with a handful of the most popular administrative exports and can be used for studio ID card production when used in conjunction with ID card software like CardFive and HotID. The general-purpose export is not appropriate for yearbook use. In addition, a number of studios have learned the specifications of additional exports and simply modify the general-purpose export for these other formats. Click here for more information and to purchase the general-purpose export.