As you plan to use one of our spring programs it’s important that you consider all of the variables and allow enough time to be fully prepared on picture day. Not only do you need to make sure you have the background and equipment necessary for the shoot but also that you’re approved for KO Services at H&H and your prepay flyer is printed or your proof plan is setup with our design team.

Once you’ve chosen your capture background and have all of the equipment you’ll need on-hand, testing and flyer design usually takes between 10-15 working days. Look at your calendar and consider if you have the time needed to complete the setup by picture day.

KO Services Setup

  • 2-3 Working Days: Submit a test for the KO Service you want to use. Testing parameters and instructions can be found on each service options page.
  • 2 Working Days: Set up your background library once you have been approved for KO Services

Flyer Design and Setup

Use the chart below to determine how much additional time is needed for your flyer design, setup and printing.

Studio Designed Prepay Flyers H&H Designed Prepay Flyers Proof Plan Design and Setup
Custom Flyer Design & Setup 0 Days 3 Days 5 Days
Flyer Printing 3 Days 3 Days 3 Days
Total Flyer Days 3 Days 6 Days 8 Days

Service time guarantees are dependent on healthy communication with your studio, the number of flyers you are printing and will vary during peak season. Order early!


  • Pose 1
    Pose 1
  • Pose 2
    Pose 2


Pose 1 is a 3/4 length pose. Pose the student comfortably with their weight on one leg and facing your key light. Be careful not to crop below the ankles as Masters Extraction images cannot contain feet or floor.


Pose 2 is either a second ¾ shot with a different facial expression, a cropped version of pose 1, or a second image, wide head shot closer in to the subject.


  • Acrylic Desk Print
    Acrylic Desk Print
  • Aluminum Desk Print
    Aluminum Desk Print
  • Ceramic Mug
    Ceramic Mug
  • Deluxe Key Chain
    Deluxe Key Chain
  • Dog Tag
    Dog Tag
  • Key Fobs
    Key Fobs
  • 4x5 Magnet
    4x5 Magnet
  • Print Personalization
    Print Personalization
  • Wallet Magnets
    Wallet Magnets
  • Word Cloud
    Word Cloud