When we looked at the online sales business, we set out to be different – to leverage the extreme data and product personalization capabilities we had to provide something unique. It was a priority to keep the studio brand out front and to reduce the workload on our pro studio business customers. hhimagehost can be used as a stand-alone online sales system, or can be operated as an extension of hhschools and hhsports orders.

Your brand, your products, your workflow, your images, your prices – on the hhimagehost online sales platform. You choose the products you want to sell and how much you want to charge. Customize your site with your studio branding, contact information and color scheme. It is secure - you set your own passwords. PCI Compliant Secure credit card transactions are done automatically and H&H sends you a check with your profit twice a month.

Fulfill orders at your studio or have H&H automatically fulfill orders where your clients are assured of our professional quality product standards. Extend your sales reach; experience – the exclusive online sales partner of H&H Color Lab.