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  • It is simple, quick and easy – we do all the work - including shipping direct to your customer.
  • Consumer pays shipping (several options)
  • Orders automatically come to H&H to be produced, packaged, and shipped to your client in a box that looks like it came from you!
  • Make it simple to sell to grandparents, relatives, and friends
  • Remakes are easy to handle by studio – one click and no charge from H&H
  • Sell more by selling online and accepting credit cards
  • Reduce studio labor by having hhimagehost transact the credit card and automatically handle declines
  • Reduce labor by having small follow up sales be ordered, submitted, produced and shipped without having to do anything
  • No minimum order charges
  • Offer different products on 2nd sale to differentiate your offer from your initial sale
  • Sell more by showing images of products
  • Client sees their image in the product they are buying and can crop the image in the product
  • Beautiful preview of products and suggestive add on sales
  • Clients can view green screen images on different backgrounds
  • Allow clients the convenience of ordering online 24/7
  • Sell seasonal products in multiple follow up sales
  • Sell more from the images you already photographed
  • Leverage the work you've already done to match images and data in hhschools or hhsports
  • One upload for package order and online sale if you use the optional auto post from your hhschools or hhsports package order.
  • Optional printed online sale marketing automatically shows reorder url and image password

Ways to Use Online 2nd Sale

  • Offer your initial sale face to face, prepay or proof plan then auto post to hhimagehost to a 2nd sale event with different products and higher prices
  • Offer multiple online follow up sales for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's day, etc.
  • email market the follow up sales by downloading the email list and importing into constant contact email marketing program

Sales Tax

  • Sales tax is only charged when shipping products to Kansas or Missouri.

High Quality Products

  • Prints, Mounting, Coating, Texture
  • Over 100 specialty products including Dog Tags, Statuettes, Ornaments, Jewelry, mouse pads, note pads etc.
  • 20 pre defined print packages to choose from