Color Block Portrait Program

Color Block Portrait Program

As you plan to use one of our spring programs it’s important that you consider all of the variables and allow enough time to be fully prepared on picture day. Not only do you need to make sure you have the background and equipment necessary for the shoot but also that you’re approved for KO Services at H&H and your prepay flyer is printed or your proof plan is setup with our design team.

Once you’ve chosen your capture background and have all of the equipment you’ll need on-hand, testing and flyer design usually takes between 10-15 working days. Look at your calendar and consider if you have the time needed to complete the setup by picture day.



Use the chart below to determine how much additional time is needed for your flyer design, setup and printing.

Studio Designed Prepay Flyers H&H Designed Prepay Flyers Proof Plan Design and Setup
Flyer Design & Setup 0 Days 2 Days 3 Days
Flyer Printing 2 Days 2 Days 2 Days

Service time guarantees are dependent on healthy communication with your studio, the number of flyers you are printing and will vary during peak season. Order early!



Pose 1 is a 3/4 length standing pose. It is designed to pair with our environmental backgrounds. Pose 2 is a copy of pose 1, cropped to head and shoulders. It is designed to be paired with our Color Block backgrounds.

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  • Acrylic Desk Print
    Acrylic Desk Print
  • Deluxe Keychain
    Deluxe Keychain
  • Dog Tag
    Dog Tag
  • Key Fobs
    Key Fobs
  • Magnet (4x5)
    Magnet (4x5)
  • Metal Desk Print (4x6)
    Metal Desk Print (4x6)
  • Metal Desk Print (5x7)
    Metal Desk Print (5x7)
  • Mug
  • Print Personalization
    Print Personalization
  • Wallet Magnets
    Wallet Magnets
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The Color Block spring program features two studio background products; a 5x7 metal desk print and a set of four wallet magnets. Download the templates to customize these background files for your studio.

  • Color Block 5x7V Metal Print
    Color Block 5x7V Metal Print
  • Color Block Wallet Magnets
    Color Block Wallet Magnets
download color block templates
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Here are the recommended knockout backgrounds for this spring program from the H&H library. You may choose to use these or any other background from the H&H library, or files you provide for backgrounds. Before you can place product orders using any knockout background, it must first be added to your studio's library. Click below for more information.

knockout library info

Color Block

  • CL-001
  • CL-002
  • CL-003
  • CL-004
  • CL-005
  • CL-006
  • CL-007
  • CL-008
  • CL-009
  • CL-010


  • EV-014
  • EV-016


Picture Day Posters

Our stock picture day posters provide a quick and economical solution to your busy schedule. Provide these to your school to help remind students of the upcoming picture day.

View All Picture Day Posters
Picture Day Posters
Picture Day Reminder Notices

Picture Day Reminder Notices

Our reminder notices are another product to help save you time and money. Sending home a notice with students reminds families of the important upcoming picture day!

View All Reminder Notices

Prepay Flyers

H&H prepay flyers are printed and distributed to parents before an event is photographed. This is a marketing and order form that contains product marketing images, packages and products available for purchase, studio contact information, and includes a payment envelope order form. Use one of our pre-printed stock designs, create your own, or let our Design Center design it for you.

View All Prepay Flyers
Prepay Flyers
Proof Plans

Proof Plans

Proof Plans are printed after an event is photographed. This is an order form that contains product marketing images with the actual student’s images in the products. Your packages and products available for purchase are listed along with studio contact information and a payment envelope is included for checks or cash.

View All Proof Plans

Package Inserts

Package inserts play an indispensable role in your school picture program by providing studio marketing, branding, messaging and promotion, package order confirmation to reduce studio phone calls, safety ID for the schools’ child safety program, and a way to market your online sales with your URL and Password.

Download Template Guides View All Package Inserts
Package Inserts
Social Media Kit

Social Media Kit

Social media plays a huge role in marketing. We put together a wide range of graphics for you to share that match the Color Block style and message...”Be Bold, Be Bright, Be You!”

Download Social Media Kit
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