Green Screen Test Image Evaluation Points

  • Images should be consistently lit with a smooth toned background. Things to avoid are: light fall off from a hair light, wrinkles or folds in the background, shooting off the background.

  • The images should show a variety of well-lit and posed subjects. An ideal test would have 5 different individuals showing the following characteristics:
    • Hair types: blonde hair, red hair, brunette hair, short hair, curly hair
    • Clothing: sleeveless top, sweater, white shirt
    • Poses: 3/4 length and head & shoulders

  • For Spring programs – a full length shot at appropriate resolution to evaluate the image size for all the products offered

  • There are specific image size limitations in our green screen knockout procedure. In many cases we do not recommend shooting pixel dimensions exceeding 4494x3000 (Image size approx. 38M / sensor resolution approx. 12 MP).

  • All images should be captured at the same time, during the same session. We are looking for consistency in shooting to evaluate the knockout procedure.

  • There are specific camera settings that we have seen cause KO problems. For specific instructions on changing these settings please refer to your camera manufacture owner’s manual. The following settings should all be turned off or disabled:


  • Active D lighting
  • High ISO Noise Reduction
  • Long Exposure Noise Reduction


  • Long Exposure Noise Reduction
  • High ISO Noise Reduction
  • Highlight Tone Priority
  • Auto Lighting Optimizer
  • Focal length and aperture (f-stop) will be evaluated to ensure appropriate sharpness around the subject. The ideal focal length range is between 45mm-85mm and a minimum f-stop of f8. Longer focal lengths and wider apertures will result in soft edges that will affect the extraction process.

  • Please follow the lighting diagram provided on the H&H web site. This is the STARTING POINT for your lighting setup. There may need to be slight adjustments made based upon subject size, green screen background material, etc.

  • Images should have consistent exposure and color. You must use a custom white balance on your camera. Auto white balance can cause significant color variance in both the green screen background and your subjects.

  • Exposure will be evaluated using a face mask histogram technique. Under exposed images may have significant knockout problems as well as undesired color casts.

  • If your workflow includes processing your images through Adobe’s Raw Converter (in Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, or Adobe LIghtroom) we have had significant issues in KO integrity when the Clarity and/or Vibrance sliders are used to enhance your images. Due to these issues, we DO NOT recommend that you add ANY clarity or vibrance to your images.

  • We have also seen issues on KO integrity when retouching filters (Imagnomic Portraiture, Nik Skin Softener for example) are added to your images prior to submitting to H+H.

  • All files submitted must be jpgs in sRGB color space. Files that are in Adobe 1998 color space will have color issues and will incur additional charges for correction.

  • Image compression should be set to provide the highest quality file possible. High image compression settings will result in poor knockouts and require additional charges for cleanup.

How to submit a green screen test order through hhstudio: