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photo proof books from h&h's photo lab
photo proofing books

Images by: Kirk Voclain Photography   -   Graphics courtesy of: Graphic Authority   -   Design by: H&H Design Center

Press proof magazines have images printed on both sides of the page. They are coil bound  and offer many options such as full page image, contrasting stroke borders or studio designed pages. Choose a velum overlay or high gloss UV coating to enhance your presentation.

  PRICES   PRODUCT INFO   service time: 1 day

  • size: 4x5½ - 1 image per page

  • images are color corrected

  • all images on will be printed in alphabetical order

  • optional watermarking available at no additional charge

  • optional wire binding available at no additional charge

  • if book exceeds 100 pages we will automatically split into 2 volumes

  • choose black or white page background or your own image

  • optional studio designed front and back covers

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