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specialty photography printing
Images by: Mac Brown Photographers

Our photo lab offers a full array of specialties to take care of all your photo printing needs.  In this category you will find information about our high-quality archival ink-jet prints on fine art papers, award winning competition prints, passports, yearbook prints, work prints and test strips!

  PRICES   PRODUCT INFO   service time: 1 day

inkjet print
  • paper types: watercolor or canvas
  • choose from 4 color tones: color, b&w, cool brown & warm sepia
  • artboard, masonite and gatorboard mounts only
  • smooth acrylic and brush texture coating

(standard, contoured and fresco (default)) available

  • no back printing available
  • shipping costs are an additional charge on any print larger than 30x40

test strips

  • 10” wide strip
  • for image quality approval

competition prints

  • paper types: lustre, pearl, or glossy
  • Prints can be mounted on white or black sintra, or 3/16" white or black gatorboard, or competition thickness artboard.
  • Available through eZsuite
  • if ordering via CD, fill out and print the competition print form below and ship with your CD

passport and yearbook prints

  • paper type: lustre
  • for accurate sizing of yearbook prints, a head size chart is available from customer service
  • we can size yearbooks to a custom head size OR custom print size, please indicate most important

measurement when both are requested

  • custom yearbook prints must be used when;

(1) a school demands exact head sizing OR
(2) a yearbook size other than 2½ x 3½ is needed

  • custom yearbook prints are not trimmed to an exact size and will be shipped with borders

work prints

  • allow an opportunity to review the quality of art prior to the actual order being made
  • may be ordered without art to mark cropping or art instructions.
  • art will be charged at the time of the work print
  • work prints are not color corrected-color and density may vary from final print

work print procedures

  1. Send your digital art order and request a work print on the order form
  2. Return the digital work print approval form with a new digital order form to place a print order
  3. If over 30 days between art and final order, return the Work Print Form & request that H&H archive your artwork.