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photo jewelry for photographers
photo jewelry for professional photographers

Our professional photo lab is proud to offer a new line of personalized jewelry for your retail business. Our jewelry selection comes in striking sterling silver and antique silver-plated pewter that will beautifully showcase your professional photography and make your images pop!

We have purposely designed this jewelry line to combine pieces that offer affordable casual elegance plus the quality of image you have come to expect from H&H. These pieces will be treasured by your clients and become a walking billboard for your studio!

Each piece is handcrafted by our caring H&H staff…look for our signature "made with love" heart attached to our pewter necklace and bracelet collection.

  service time: 1 day

Click each image below for a larger preview!

Jordan Necklace

photo jewelry necklace

You will love Jordan! This 1¼” square pewter pendant with a pearl attached to the bottom swings off a sterling silver hammered bead. Along with the 18" 3mm black rubber cord necklace, Jordan’s ecclectic mix has a special look all its own.

Diana Necklace

necklaces for professional photographers

This 15⁄16” square pendant showcases two images - one on the front and one on the back! Wear it attached to a sleek sterling silver hammered tube bead on an 18" 3mm black rubber cord. This necklace gets noticed!

Emily Necklace

our photo lab's necklaces for photographers

Our largest pewter pendant, a 1¼” square, comes with a pearl drop and is attached to a black beaded 18” necklace. Beads are what it is all about!

Ferggi Necklace

photo lab necklaces

This is the Emily pendant (1¼” square), but on an 18” textured cable chain and has both a pearl and a heart that sways from the bottom of the pendant. Ferggi has to be different!

Lauren Necklace

necklaces from a photo lab

The Lauren necklace includes two photo charms and a silver heart charm. The heart photo charm is 1 1/16" x 2 2/16"  and the small square charm is ½"x½". The 18" small textured cable chain features a large textured cable chain insert with a garnet colored bead.

Irene Necklace

Our largest pewter round (1¼” circle) pendant comes with both a silver heart and pearl dangling from the bottom of the pendant. The pendant is attached to a large textured 18” cable chain. This combination makes a bold statement!

Ashlynn Necklace

This round pewter pendant comes with a fun heart dangled from the bottom to remind you of who you love! Worn on a 25” ball chain, the image will be a 13⁄16” circle in size.

Grace Necklace

This vertical rectangle pewter pendant is 7⁄8“x 1½”. Grace has a small textured 18" cable chain with a front toggle closure and a simple silver heart that dangles from it.

Kristen Necklace

This favorite pendant is a great size. Not too large, and not too small, the simple sterling silver pendant is 5⁄8“x5⁄8“ square. It needs nothing more to make it complete, than the 1mm sterling silver 18” snake chain. Simplicity is beautiful!

Beth Necklace

The rectangular sterling silver pendant frames your image like a portrait! It comes on a beautiful, yet simple, sterling silver 18” snake chain. The pendant is 5⁄8”x½”.

Camryn Necklace

This small ½” square lead-free pewter silver plated pendant has a swirled back that gives it personality. It comes on a beautiful, yet simple, sterling silver 18” snake chain.

Black Elegance Necklace

A simple black 18" cord necklace enhanced with delicate sterling silver beads holds a sterling silver pendant. The 100% sterling pendant is a 13/16" circle and comes with a small hinged enhancer so you can easily remove the pendant to wear on other necklaces or bracelets.

Jeweled Pearls Necklace

A 34" dyed pearl and black cord necklace in beautiful jewel tones. A large 1¼” 100% sterling silver circle pendant on a small hinged sterling silver enhancer adds the finishing and unique touch. The small enhancer also allows the pendant to be easily removed to wear on other necklaces.

Charmer Necklace

Hanging from the 1mm sterling silver 18" snake chain is a charm hoop topped by two hearts. A single sterling silver 13⁄16" one-sided charm comes with the Charmer necklace but it will accommodate other charms of your choice!

• Beth, Kristen and Camryn necklaces are nickel free, all others have a trace of nickel