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  createdvd slide show
Custom DVD Cases and Slideshows from our Photo Lab DVD Slideshows and Custom Cases

Let our professional photo lab create a DVD slide show of your images and boost your add-on sales!

Choose the category (children, family wedding, seniors, or sports), the royalty-free music, the theme, the DVD face design, and the number of images. We will create two separate files, one for the DVD playback and an mp4 file you can download for posting to MySpace, Facebook or YouTube.

This DVD photo slide show can be a standalone product or an add-on to provide you with many different marketing options! It is a dynamite product and one you will want to offer all your clients!

  PRICES   PRODUCT INFO   service time: 2 days

  • choose 20 - 150 images (varies by transition theme - see limits on each show thumbnail below)

  • images must be rotated heads-up, may be sequenced in eZsuite 

  • choose 1 image for DVD face

  • choose transition effects from four themes: children/family, senior, sports, wedding

  • choose music selection

  • choose DVD face design

  • choose packaging (sleeve, folio, premier folio)

  • an mp4 file is available to download for free with each DVD purchased in either standard definition, high definition (or both)

 dvd text options

field  mandatory/optional where used



DVD face & in slide show



DVD face & in slide show



DVD face & in slide show



on slide show splash screen





 dvd face printing

custom DVD covers custom DVD labels DVD Covers for Professional Photographers dvd slideshow custom DVD cover Custom DVD Labels for Professional Photographersr Personalized DVD Covers

black plain

black grain

black swirl

blue grain

brown grain

pink flowers

 dvd packaging

Custom DVD Cases For Photographers custom DVD sleeve For Photographers DVD Folio Sleeves Leather DVD Case Custom Leather DVD Folio Case

paper sleeve (included)


folio (open)

premier folio

premier folio (open)

customer photo cover for dvd cases
CD and DVD Cases for Photographers

professional dvd custom photo covers

custom metal dvd case for photo slideshows
photo cover DVD case
photo cover DVD case
(single or double disc capacity)

tin DVD case

 music selections

 frequently asked questions

Q: How long is the average slide show?
A: The length of a DVD slide show varies depending on the number of photos selected and the style of video.  Some styles are faster pace and some are slower.  The average slide show is about the length of a song, somewhere between 3-4 minutes.
Q: What would be the shortest time?
A: Estimated around 1.5 minutes.  (Show style and # of photos used will determine the length)
Q: What would be the longest times?
A: Estimated around 10 minutes.  (Show style and # of photos used will determine the length)
Q: Can I receive an mp4 file?
A: Yes, we will create two separate files; one for the DVD playback and an mp4 file you can download for posting to MySpace, Facebook or YouTube.
Q: How do I download the mp4 files?
A: 1.  Login to our web site and click the "My Account" link in the top black bar.
2. Click the "my orders" link.
3. Find the order number for your DVD slide show and click the red number in the ORDER# column.
4. Below the order information you will see a section titled, "DVD SLIDESHOW TO DOWNLOAD".
   Click the links to download either or both files (standard or high definition).
Q: Can the mp4 file be posted to Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, mP3 players and cell phones?
A: Absolutely
Q: Here are a few links with instructions:
A: Facebook:
MP3 Players / Cell Phones:  Instructions vary.  Each import the mp4 file from a computer.  iPhones and iPods use iTunes to sync the files.
Q: Are all slide shows unique?
A: Our photo lab offers a wide variety of music, styles and effects that are uniquely combined to create a video that is perfect for each client.  Our show styles/themes are cohesive and much more professional than what can be created with a random computer generated video.  Two shows with the same style - music - and number of photos will be the same with minor differences on the animations between portrait and landscape images.

Children & Family Slide Show Themes (11)
Black Reflections
Black Reflections
Colors Of Your Heart
Colors Of Your Heart

Senior Slide Show Themes (11)
Black Reflections
Black Reflections
Can't Stop Us

Wedding Slide Show Themes (10)
Beautiful Way
Beautiful Way
Black Reflections
Black Reflections

Sports Slide Show Themes (9)
Can't Stop Us
Edge and Flow
Edge and Flow