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Digital printing layered photo cards
Photo lab layered prints
Images by: Jim Herndon   -   Design by: H&H Design Center

Choose red, black or white embossed underlay paper and design a 3x9 “bookmark” style card that is attached with a silver spiral paper clip. The top layer is a card that the receiver can keep all year to use as a bookmark! These cards include a white designer striped envelop with a unique vertical opening.

  PRICES   PRODUCT INFO   service time: 2 days

  • size: 3x9

  • paper types: satin, linen, art matte, pearl, watercolor and 100% recycled (may be mixed in an order)

  • gloss UV coating is available on satin and pearl paper only

  • cards are delivered unassembled and come with silver spiral paper clips and your choice of underlay paper

  • prices include envelopes

  • minimum order: 24 cards - order in sets of 6

  • order through eZsuite

 layered card underlay colors

White photo cards Red print photography cards Photo cards look striking on black underlay




 layered card Photoshop files

 layered CARD design GUIDES





holiday photo card templates

[download holiday card templates]