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Shoot & Sell app for iPad and Android tablet lets you show your clients what any H&H canvas, canvas cluster or framed image will look like on the walls of their very own home. It includes all 13 cluster wraps as well as H&H's entire line-up of frames ready to preview in real time. Super-size your wall art sales with this one stop-solution for selling and marketing wall art to your clients!

Marketing Images

Open these files in Photoshop, add your own images and use them on your web site or in marketing brochures or catalogs.


Marketing Catalog

View the Frame Marketing Catalog PDF:

Marketing Catalog - PDF


Download our frame catalog, add your own images to the cover, adjust the prices, and you will have an quick & easy custom booklet. Booklets can be ordered through our hhstudio software.

Marketing Catalog - InDesign


Wall Display Templates

  • Do you want to boost your sales of wall displays and large prints?
  • Do you wish your clients knew how small an 8×10 really looks on a mantle or above a couch?
  • Have your clients asked you for guidance in creating wall displays for them but you were at a loss?
  • Do you want to spruce up your client galleries with amazing looking wall displays featuring their images?
  • Do you want to mock up a few possible display ideas before and even during in person ordering sessions?
  • Do you want to post examples on your site or blog showing your clients the difference in impact that a small print vs. A large one has on a room?

Then look no further because the photographer’s wall display templates are exactly what you need!
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ProSelect Templates

Download our frame template set for Proselect, the quickest and easiest way for your clients to visualize their images as framed prints!

ProSelect Templates