Designer Cards

Designer Cards

Tired of the same traditional cards? Our Designer Card Collection of die-cut flat and folded cards is a great choice for announcements, graduation, holidays, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, thank you cards or marketing materials!

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2-Sided Designer Cards

  • 2.5x2.5 Circle
  • 2x3.5 Cloud
  • 2x3.5 Teardrop
  • 2x3.5 Whimsey
  • 4x8.25 Posh
  • 5x5 Apex
  • 5x5 Blossom
  • 5x5 Circle
  • 5x5 Clover
  • 5x5 Compass
  • 5x5 Concave
  • 5x5 Flower
  • 5x5 Heart
  • 5x5 Helix
  • 5x5 Ornament
  • 5x5 Ornate
  • 5x5 Pillow
  • 5x5 Posh
  • 5x5 Posy
  • 5x5 Present
  • 5x5 Scallop
  • 5x5 Teardrop
  • 5x5 Whimsey
  • 5x7 Classic
  • 5x7 Fanciful
  • 5x7 Oval
  • 5x7 Tag
  • 5x7 Teardrop

Folded Designer Cards

  • 4x4 Pinwheel
  • 5x7 Folded
  • 5x5 Side Show - Apex
  • 5x5 Side Show - Scallop
  • 5x5 Tri-fold - Posh
  • 5x7 Tri-fold - Posh
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Paper Types

Satin (100#)    ■    Linen (130#)    ■    Art Matte (130#)    ■    Pearl (130#)    ■    Watercolor (100#)    ■    100% Recycled (130#)

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  • Envelopes available for purchase for 2-Sided Cards
  • Envelopes are included with Folded Cards, Tri-Fold Cards, Side Show Cards And Pinwheel
  • Envelopes not available for 2.5x2.5, 2x3.5 or 4x8.25 Cards
  • Gloss UV coating available on Satin and Pearl paper
  • Address labels are available for envelopes. CLICK HERE for more information.
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Design Guides

Download the Photoshop design guides for Designer Cards here.

download 2.5x2.5 & 2x3.5 guides
download 4x4 & 4x8.25 guides
download 5x5 guides
download 5x7 guides
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Download our FREE Photoshop templates for Designer Cards.

Grahic Authority Card Themes

These three themes each include the 5x5 Ornament, 5x5 Present, and 5x7 Tag Designer Card shapes.

  • Graphic Authority Holiday Card 1

  • Graphic Authority Holiday Card 2

  • Graphic Authority Holiday Card 3


H&H Card Themes

These four themes include every designer card shape and size available.

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Custom Design

Let our Design Center custom design this product for you!

Learn More
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how to order

To order this product download our hhstudio software.

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