Total School Program

The H&H comprehensive Total School Program offers experienced solutions in image knockout, online sales, spring portrait programs, workflow, yearbooks, fundraising, design, flyers, products, marketing and sales, and much more. Our Total School Program provides the solutions to your school photography problems. Hundreds of products, lower prices, dynamic graphics, extreme product personalization, faster workflows, sales and marketing support and super-fast packages ready-to-deliver to your customer, means our Total School Program offers unprecedented opportunity for the independent school and sports photographer.

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one POWERFUL school software...and it’s FREE

hhschools software
Fast. Easy...order input of packages

hhschools is our PC/MAC engine for every imaginable school, sports and event project; designed for maximum work flow automation and efficiency.

Workflow Power and Speed
  • ONE piece of software to manage across original picture day and retake days
  • NEW Cross-Platform - PC and Mac
  • SIMPLE to use backup features to keep your data safe
  • CREATE barcode camera cards or labels for use on picture day
  • FLEXIBLE and simple package definition building interface
  • POWERFUL data handling and match capability that’s easy to use
  • CONTROL the cropping of your images
  • INDUSTRY leading batch cropping and editing capabilities
  • SUPPORTS the industry’s widest range of school workflow options such as Flow and Photo Velocity

Search and history functionality that allows you to provide quick customer support. Access a wide range of reports to provide schools with sales, students and commission information. Financial reports detailing sales and costs for analysis and accounting use.

H&H Order Entry Services

Save time - let H&H do the studio workflow entry for your school projects with our hhschools order entry services. You shoot and we handle all the project details! Simple!

Products & Packaging

It takes fresh innovative new products to capture the attention of today’s school photography consumer. H&H Total School Program offers products with punch – 4500+ template variations. We continually add new products and templates every year.

Showcasing the packages you offer in an attractive, organized and easy-to-deliver fashion is a high priority at H&H. Options in hhschools software, used in conjunction with ready-to-deliver packaging, will relieve you of the headaches of post-shoot production. Deliver accurate packages to you customers in days, not weeks!

Upon request, every student’s package is placed in an attractive window envelope, sorted by teacher name and grade for quick and easy distribution.

Studio Bridge

Sometimes studios wish to offer higher end products in volume photography that don’t fit in the volume production process, packaging and delivery systems well. H&H Color Lab’s unique hhschools Studio Bridge is a unique feature that allows you to manage your workflow in hhschools and then quickly and easily pass certain images to hhstudio software for separate, high end product orders.

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Student Safety IDs & Admin Data

H&H’s Total School Program can provide you with a broad list of service prints, stickers, formatted CD’s and ID cards to fit any school’s need.

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Composites & Groups

Beautifully designed custom All School Composites, Class Composites and Senior Composites are an alternative to the all-school photograph. Because it can be ordered after Retake Day, all students don’t have to be present at that same time. Therefore, it can be a more inclusive all school photo product. No one is left out. Using your school portraits for multiple product offering makes good business sense!

H&H has perfected automated composites and removed the “pain” of creating school composites. The auto composite can accommodate six to fifty subjects with a title block that can have up to five lines of data. Create a custom background or choose a simple color background and select from two text colors. Auto composites even has a feature to easily add the names of “not-pictured students” when requested to do so by the school.

With some basic data management you will receive a great looking product that is delivered fast and can easily meet your school’s demands. On top of that, they are a great deal because there is NO SET-UP charge and the prints are priced so reasonably.

Whether you allow us to design a custom composite or you use our, fast, powerful and inexpensive automated composites ordering in hhschools, H&H has the composite product to meet your school’s specific needs.

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Pre-pay & Proofing

Our Total School Program offers great choices for your flyer and proofing needs.


Pre-pay flyers are printed before an event is photographed. This is an order form that typically contains all products and package information that the consumer can purchase, as well as studio contact information. H&H makes it easy for you. Use one of our pre-printed stock designs, create your own, or let our Design Center design it for you.

Proof Plan flyers are printed after an event is photographed. This is an order form that contains products and packages that can be purchased with the actual individual’s images shown on the flyer and rendered into products to boost sales.

Photographic print proofing

Nothing leaves a better first impression with your customers than high quality, traditional photo print proofing. Clients can quickly visualize 100% of the quality you capture in your photography, which helps increase sales. For your volume projects, H&H provides two unique-to-the-industry proofing solutions that deliver value priced photo proofs at a price you can profit from!

Deliver value priced photographic proofs at a price you can profit from with H&H wallet proofs. Each proof includes a name overlay and barcode.

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Knockout Services

Sell more with the H&H knockout program!

  • Provide customers with more background choices and a large library of backgrounds to choose from
  • More print unit configurations and template choices
  • Art Prints & Style Prints – create contemporary product looks using the knockout advantage
  • Choice of student selected or consistent backgrounds for Admin CDs and service items
  • ID cards that can be customized for each school
  • Specialty products like statuettes, mouse pads, mugs, and much more to increase sales
  • Class Groups with a fresh new look
  • Online sales solutions for pre-order and reorder sales opportunities
  • Powerful FREE software
  • Sales Flyers and Marketing Materials
  • High Res Pre-Load Capabilities - One upload of High Res images from a project simplifies green screen order management and saves duplicate knockout fees
  • H&H only charges once to knock out your images. After that, all background replacements are free!
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Enhance your school sales program, extend your sales reach, and experience simple, fast recurring sales opportunities with hh image host online sales – the exclusive online sales partner of H&H Color Lab. With one single upload, you can order packages and post images for additional online sales.

You choose the products you want to sell and how much you want to charge. Choose from several templates to customize your site with your studio brand, contact information and color scheme. It is secure - with optional student-specific passwords. Secure credit card transactions are done automatically and H&H sends you a check with your profit each month.

Fulfill orders at your studio or have H&H automatically fulfill orders where your clients are assured of our professional quality product standards.

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Portrait Programs

With H&H’s Total School Program, you can set yourself apart from the same-old school photography spring programs that are presented year after year and offer your school a fun, new look. Our comprehensive portrait programs include easy instructions, lighting diagrams, prop suggestions, knockout backgrounds, product templates, picture day posters, and take home reminders – all coordinated as one theme. And every year, we add new themes to choose from!

The hardest part will be choosing which program theme you like best – H&H Total School Program makes the rest easy!

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Booklets & Yearbooks

If you are presently photographing annual school portraits, expand your market to include yearbooks as well. With H&H’s Total School Program, you can offer hard cover or soft cover school yearbooks. When you offer the outstanding quality and exceptional value of H&H yearbooks, you can strengthen your position in the school photography business.

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Marketing & Sales

Market your school business
Committed to assisting you in developing your business

The school business requires presentation, sales and marketing to school decision makers and to parents. H&H’s Total School Program simplifies and beautifies your sales and marketing. From sales sample product discounts and presentation program books to many designs of prepay and proof plan flyers; from product marketing images to online sales galleries, these professionally designed assets give you a leap forward in the presentation of your business to parents and school decision makers.

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Business Tools

Our tool kit contains things such as a Downloadable School Calendar; News Bulletins; H&H Events, Training and School Connect Programs; We also host training videos on our website that you can view any time - all designed to help you learn and grow your business.

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Don’t have the time or the staff to design or retouch your school products? Let our designers help!

A composite design can be created for almost any product. Common uses are for photographic prints, press prints, or banners. We can also create a custom ID card for you or do the setup from your own PSD files. We can design and personalize your pre-pay and proof plan flyers with your logo, contact information, packages and pricing – using our stock designs or a custom design just to fit your needs. And after your flyer design is completed, we can create a matching price list in your hhimagehost account including package and add-on graphics. Our professional design center can add value to your business and is a service offered as part of our Total School Program.

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Replace your out-of-pocket commissions with a fundraising program offered for school and sports photographers. Our program is a true win/win for everyone and will save you and your organization money. Visit our website to learn all the details on how to offer this program to your clients.

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