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As a photographer, your studio acts as a portfolio of your work, demonstrating the quality of your work to first-time visitors. Online, your website serves the same purpose for a much larger audience. For that reason, we've created an extremely simple process for creating your own photography portfolio website in 60 minutes or less! Check out the video series below:


WordPress Tutorials for Photographers:



These themes are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. Please read each theme's terms of use before downloading.


Blog Post: The Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

If you have a question directly related to the performance of our free WordPress themes for photographers, hop into our forum and we'll assist you.

If you have a question related to WordPress in general, we recommend this great list of WordPress tutorials.

If you would like to modify our free WordPress themes for photographers, please consider using Codecademy to interactively learn how to code. Everybody should know how to code and it's all the rage these days

Links to Wordpress-friendly hosting companies we recommend (as shown in the videos above):
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WordPress Themes for Photographers:

Free Wordpress photography themes we have created (these will all function like the one in the video). All themes have been updated on 10/22/2012 based on user input.